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How can your organization do well by doing good? It starts with a strong strategy for embedding social responsibility throughout. My interdisciplinary approach incorporates shared value, systems thinking, human-centered design and Theory of Change frameworks.


How we can work together:

  • Change management
  • Strategic framework development
  • Program design and implementation
  • Trends analysis and benchmarking


How do you share your social impact story in a way that’s engaging, authentic and true to your brand? As a former journalist, I take an evidence-based approach that is informed by insights from cognitive psychology, behavioral economics and other disciplines.


How we can work together:

  • Communications strategy
  • Creative concept development 
  • Content creation and design
  • Digital marketing 
  • Corporate responsibility reporting (GRI G4)


Social change doesn’t happen in a bubble. How do you build community around social responsibility initiatives and unite like-minded people and organizations around a common goal? I start by thinking about what drives and motivates people.


How we can work together:

  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Employee engagement
  • Training and education
  • Curriculum development
  • Strategic partnership development

Current and past engagements include:


Jessica had to synthesize and simplify a significant amount of complex information which she did with exquisite project management and organization skills. It’s not just her whip smarts and organization skills that make everyone at West Elm want to work with her again, it’s also her positive and optimistic attitude that make her a delight to partner with.
— Mo Mullen, Director, Business Development, West Elm Local, Williams-Sonoma Inc.

Many people have a passion for social justice in business, but few have Jess’ project management and problem solving strengths!
— Sarah Labowitz, Co-Director, NYU Stern Center for Business & Human Rights
Jessica is a real player and a known face around the social business arena and offers a rare mix of professionalism, efficiency and compassion.
— Carmen Artigas, Sustainable Fashion Designer, Consultant & Educator

Jessica embraces the entrepreneurial ethos of taking intelligent risks, learning from both success and failure, and constantly challenging herself to continue growing with every opportunity. At Quirky, this translated into identifying needs for an early stage startup, implementing new systems and processes, monitoring results, bravely killing methods that were not successful, and pushing through solutions as needed.
— Shirley Chan, Former Director of Content, Community & Customer Service, Quirky

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