Reconsidered reaches thousands of corporate social responsibility and sustainability practitioners, enthusiasts and job-seekers across multiple platforms.

On occasion, we partner with mission-aligned organizations on co-created content marketing and advertising packages that make sense for our brand and meet the needs of our audience.


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Reconsidered is legitimately one of my favorite newsletters. Brief, relevant, easy to read—like you’re chatting with a close, socially conscious friend who knows what’s up.
— Amanda F.

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In each newsletter, we share a select list of 30+ jobs in corporate social responsibility, sustainability and social impact. We work with strategist and connector Danielle L. Vermeer to curate the most exciting opportunities with the greatest potential to change the world.

The “Hot Job Alert” section sits on top of the weekly curation and against a colored background to set it apart. Your listing includes:

  • A 30-50 word job description that explains the role, company, deadline and other relevant information

  • Mentions on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook

  • Limit 3 listings per issue

  • Investment: US$100


Are you looking to share your event, program, product or new initiative with an engaged group of social impact professionals and enthusiasts? A Sponsored Post might be for you. Your post includes:

  • A 50-75 word blurb and optional image shared at the top of the newsletter to spotlight your effort

  • Mentions on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook

  • Limit 1 per issue

  • Investment: US$250 without image/US$300 with image


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