Change is hard. 

If we want people to make the changes needed to transform business, we need to make doing the right thing as easy as humanly possible.

That’s where Reconsidered comes in.

We design strategies, craft communications and build communities that spark positive change and accelerate the transition to a more sustainable world.

We understand the business case for corporate social responsibility, while using insights from the science of behavior change to make our projects pack a more powerful punch.

About The Founder

Jessica Marati Radparvar

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At my core, I am passionate about making positive change happen. 

Over the years, I have come to believe that we need to go beyond articulating the business case to change minds about social and environmental issues. We also need to build an emotional case, to facilitate the “aha” moments that can shift hearts and lead to real, lasting, sustainable change. Strong communications and community building play a role in this, but so do the emerging science of behavior change and a strong understanding of what makes change "stick". 

This is why I launched Reconsidered in the summer of 2017, and it is the driving force behind my work with future-oriented organizations like C&A, EILEEN FISHER, Etsy, J. Crew, Tommy Hilfiger and Fashion for Good. My experience is centered in strategy development, program management, strategic communications, stakeholder engagement, impact measurement, reporting, digital media and marketing, with a particular focus on corporate social responsibility, environmental sustainability, human rights and artisan enterprise.

Over the past decade, I have approached the social impact space from a number of different perspectives — as a journalist, as an entrepreneur, as an academic, in-house at a Fortune 500 company and now as a consultant. I spent several years managing corporate responsibility communications and stakeholder engagement at PVH Corp. and previously founded a social enterprise selling artisan goods made in Cambodia; led Content and Community at Quirky, an open innovation platform for invention ideas; and worked as a freelance consultant and travel writer across nearly 60 countries.

I have an undergraduate degree in History from Princeton University and received my M.B.A. from New York University’s Leonard N. Stern School of Business. Location-independent, I split my time between Amsterdam, Guam and Southern California together with my husband Dave.

Recent Projects

Current & Past Engagements

Client Love

“Jessica led communications at Fashion for Good during its pivotal early months, managing a team responsible for marketing, PR, digital media, thought leadership, stakeholder engagement, partnerships, programming and host management. Later, she led the charge on developing content for the Fashion for Good Experience, a sustainable fashion innovation museum that uses behavioral insights to drive more conscious consumption. In both capacities, Jessica's high level of B2B and B2C communications expertise and deep knowledge of the sustainability and fashion spaces were invaluable. I appreciated Jessica's diligent work ethic; she was always going the extra mile to deliver quality work within the tight timeframes standard in a startup. Plus, she was just awesome to work with, bringing a positive spirit and a collaborative way of working to all of our projects.”
— Katrin Ley, Managing Director, Fashion for Good

“Jessica had to synthesize and simplify a significant amount of complex information which she did with exquisite project management and organization skills. It’s not just her whip smarts and organization skills that make everyone at West Elm want to work with her again, it’s also her positive and optimistic attitude that make her a delight to partner with.”
— Mo Mullen, VP Business Development, West Elm, Williams-Sonoma Inc.

“I am glad to have been introduced to Jessica to formulate my communications strategy and brand style guide. She is thorough, precise in her communication and gave Ereena comprehensive feedback to work on building its online presence. Jessica is a pleasure to work with and has a very positive approach. She has our best wishes and strong recommendation to add value to any enterprise.”
— Jyoti Reddy, Founder, Ereena

“Jess jumped right in to planning a major event in Dhaka, Bangladesh for the release of our first report on apparel manufacturing there. Jess brought incredible organizational prowess and appetite for solving complex problems across many time zones to the project. She helped us successfully launch the event with more than 100 people across the apparel industry in Bangladesh and from abroad. Many people have a passion for social justice in business, but few have Jess' project management and problem solving strengths!”
— Sarah Labowitz, Former Director, NYU Stern Center for Business & Human Rights

“Jessica is a real player and a known face around the social business arena and offers a rare mix of professionalism, efficiency and compassion.”
— Carmen Artigas, Sustainable Fashion Designer, Consultant & Educator

“Jessica embraces the entrepreneurial ethos of taking intelligent risks, learning from both success and failure, and constantly challenging herself to continue growing with every opportunity. At Quirky, this translated into identifying needs for an early stage startup, implementing new systems and processes, monitoring results, bravely killing methods that were not successful, and pushing through solutions as needed.”
— Shirley Chan, Former Director of Content, Community & Customer Service, Quirky


I frequently collaborate with talented social impact and communications strategists, both on Reconsidered’s popular bi-weekly newsletter and jobs board as well as on client work requiring specialized knowledge or skills. Current collaborators include:

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AMIRAH JIWA (Strategy & Content) is a social impact strategist who gets excited about brands, products and experiences that deliver and inspire positive change. She has helped build a range of programs for good in-house at consumer-facing brands including Away, Sephora and Allsaints and is currently tackling impact projects on a freelance basis. A global citizen, she has lived and worked in cities across five continents — and enjoyed pizza in every single one.


MELINA LABROSSE (Graphic Design) is a French Canadian living in Berlin. She is passionate about design and committed to incorporating sustainability and positive social change within her work.


SAMANTHA WOOD (Research & Business Development) works as a consultant and sustainability strategist in New York, teaming up with brands and interest groups who share her mission to promote innovative business practices that support inclusive global community development. With varied experience ranging from anthropology to fashion e-commerce, she focuses on “bridging the gap” between stakeholders to stimulate healthy growth. Samantha has a B.S. in Social Sciences and a Master’s degree in International Business.

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