059 / Biomimicry, Boycotting "Y'allywood" & The Gen Z Reckoning

Hi Friends,

It’s June, which means extra long days here in Amsterdam. One of my favorite ways to while away the extended evenings is with a great book and a beer on my little balcony ☀️

In that spirit, I’m compiling a list of compelling, inspiring and thought-provoking social impact/sustainability reads to add to my list and share with the Reconsidered community.

Any books you’d recommend for our first-ever Summer Reading List? Reply to share along with a short (<50 word) reason why.

I can’t wait to read your recommendations!

✌️ Jess

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EILEEN FISHER recently launched a new Supporting Women in Environmental Justice grant program, which recognizes that women and girls globally are the most vulnerable to climate change and hold the firsthand experience to solve it. It will award $200,000 total to nonprofits that support women in taking action for environmental justice. Apply here; deadline is June 14. And keep an eye on EF’s website for the release of their 2018 Benefit Corporation Report, which we supported on 🤗  

Chris Murray

Chris Murray

This Week's 5 Links

🎬 Hollywood Boycott Would Hurt the Film Industry and Georgia’s EconomyCNBC

In response to Georgia’s controversial ‘Heartbeat Law’, which bans abortion after a fetal heartbeat is detected, several Hollywood studios, producers and actors have said they will reconsider projects there if the law goes into effect next January. A boycott would have big economic repercussions on the state, which currently reaps $9.5bn from production and has become known as “Y’allywood” for the number of movies and TV shows filmed there (including faves like Black Panther and Queer Eye). Bigger players like Disney, NBCUniversal and WarnerMedia are treading lightly — perhaps keeping an eye on Netflix, which is facing backlash from the anti-abortion camp after announcing their support of American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) efforts to block the bill. Curious how the industry will use its influence to take a political and moral stand. (6 minutes)

❄️ These Days, It’s Not About the Polar BearsThe New York Times

It’s no news that climate science has a messaging problem. According to researchers, people are increasingly recognizing climate change as an important issue — but not enough that they feel motivated to act. For those struggling to communicate the importance to your organization (or even just to your friends and family) this New York Times piece is a gold mine of information and a great place to learn more about driving positive behavior change. (6 minutes)

👉 TAKE ACTION: Next time you’re creating a social post or whipping up a presentation, reference this Climate Visuals library, which compiles the most compelling images based on scientific research.

♻️ We're All Recycling Wrong, So Companies Are Finally Trying To Make It EasierHuffington Post

A small waste management company in Pennsylvania is testing out an innovative partnership with major consumer brands like PepsiCo and Target to make flexible plastics more easily recyclable. At the moment, items like chip packaging and plastic grocery bags are only recycled if they are returned to store drop-off points (which basically no one knows or does). If Mascaro & Sons has its way, people will be able to dispose of them in curbside recycling alongside their plastic bottles and milk cartons. This is one case where systems change coupled with consumer behavior change could result in the most environmentally-beneficial outcome. 🙌 (7 minutes)

Report: The Gen Z ReckoningBBMG & Globescan

This gorgeous new report from agencies BBMG and Globescan digs into the mysterious Generation Z, exploring what 18 to 22-year-olds care about, what motivates them and what type of social impact they’re seeking from brands. It outlines five strategies for engaging a generation that “is demanding more of themselves, more of society and more of business than any generation before” and is 3x more likely than other generations to say that the purpose of business is to serve society. As this generation graduates into the workforce, companies will need to adjust if they want to attract them as customers and employees—this report makes clear that having a clear purpose and taking action to back it up will help. (18 minutes)

🌿 Mini-Course: Using Biomimicry for Delivering the Good LifeMinneapolis College of Art & Design

All week I’ve been following the flagship Sustainable Brands conference, one of my favorite convenings in the biz. For those who couldn’t make it, SB partnered with MCAD’s Sustainable Design Program to create a set of four free mini-courses around the conference theme of “Delivering the Good Life”. I especially liked this one on how biomimicry (taking cues from nature) can be applied to both technologies and organizations, taught by Taryn Read and RC reader Denise DeLuca. Other courses focus on Empathic Action, Whole System Mapping and Regenerative Systems. (92 minutes)

MOST CLICKED FROM LAST ISSUE // The Complicated Gender Politics of Going Zero WasteVox. Find other thought-provoking pieces in our archive.

Social Impact Jobs

Nest — Chief Programs Officer (New York). Nest is furthering global workforce inclusivity, gender equity and cultural preservation through development of the global craft sector. They're seeking a Chief Programs Officer to oversee implementation of both direct-to-artisan programs and brand initiatives, including Nest’s compliance program for homes and small workshops, sourcing partnerships, and special projects. (sponsored)

Early Career

ARYTZA — Manager, Corporate Responsibility (Playa Vista, California)

The Conduit — Programme Coordinator (London)

Deloitte Digital — Senior Associate, Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability (Toronto)

Facebook — Executive Assistant, Partnerships (San Francisco)

Greenfish — Intern, CSR & Sustainability (Brussels, Belgium)

Guess Europe — CSR Coordinator (Bioggio, Switzerland)

Guggenheim Partners — Intern, Sustainability (New York)

NYU Stern Center for Sustainable Business — Administrative Aide (New York)

Patagonia — Copy Editor / Proofreader (contract) (Ventura, CA)

WeWork — Social Impact Associate, EMEA (contract) (London)

Mid Career

AccountAbility — Managing Associate, Sustainability Consulting (New York)

Acreage Holdings — Director, Corporate Social Responsibility (New York)

Amazon Lab126 — Program Manager, Social Responsibility (Sunnyvale, CA) *Contact Danielle.L.Vermeer@gmail.com if interested*

Andela — Chief of Staff (New York)

Ashoka — Senior Marketing Specialist (Berlin, London or Remote)

BT Group — Manager, Human & Digital Rights Strategy (London)

Dropbox — Manager, Social Impact (San Francisco)

EY — Senior Manager, Global Corporate Responsibility, Commercial and Innovation (Flexible)

Gartner — Program Manager, Global Corporate Social Responsibility (Washington, DC)

Gymshark — Manager, Sustainability (Solihull, UK)

Kenneth Cole Productions — Senior Corporate Social Responsibility Manager (New York)

KiwiCo — Senior Manager, Social Enterprise (Mountain View, CA)

Morgan Stanley — Senior Manager, Sustainable Sourcing (New York)

Nest — Program Consultant (contract) (San Antonio, TX or Austin, TX)

Rimi Baltic Group — Corporate Responsibility Expert (Riga, Latvia)

Samasource — Impact Manager (San Francisco)

Snap, Inc. — Program Manager, Diversity & Inclusion (Los Angeles)

Social Tech Trust — Director, Operations and Finance (London)

Tata Consultancy Services — Manager, CSR Storytelling (Edison, New Jersey)

Teck Resources Limited — Leader, Social Responsibility (Vancouver)

Uber — Senior Associate, Social Impact (San Francisco)

Verizon — Corporate Social Responsibility Consultant (Basking Ridge, NJ)


Beautycounter — Senior Director, Social Mission (Los Angeles Area)

Colgate-Palmolive — Associate Director, CSR & Sustainability Communications (New York)

Dairy Management, Inc. — Director, Global Sustainable Food Systems (Chicago Area)

Nisolo — Vice President, Product Development (Nashville)

REI — Director, Communications and Public Affairs (Seattle Area)

Salesforce — Director, Ethical and Humane Use (San Francisco)

Starbucks — Director, Social Impact & CSR (Shanghai)

Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) — Executive Director (San Francisco)

“We shouldn’t see Greta as a young cute thing,” said    TIME cover    photographer Hellen van Meene. She’s a serious girl with a serious message.”

“We shouldn’t see Greta as a young cute thing,” said TIME cover photographer Hellen van Meene. She’s a serious girl with a serious message.”

058 / Copenhagen, Just Do(n’t Do) It & The Gender Politics of Going Zero Waste

Hi Friends,

I am positively buzzing from a week spent reconnecting with friends old and new in New York City. Thanks to everyone who came out to the NYCxDesign Week panel on Thinking Green in 2019 with Daly and MistyWest. We had a fast-moving conversation in a magical Greenpoint garden with twinkle lights and sustainable vodka cocktails, and it was awesome.

This is a transition week for Reconsidered as we say “see you soon” and thank you to spring interns Lizzie and Melina. These talented women played a huge role in our newsletter refresh earlier this spring and have set the foundation for some exciting projects to come.

I’m also pumped to introduce Amirah Jiwa as a new collaborator. A social impact strategist based between NYC, London and Mumbai, Amirah comes to us from luggage brand Away and has an approach to change-making that is grounded in pragmatic idealism and leverages an organization's unique strengths for good. She also might be just as big a pizza fan as I am.

Big things ahead this summer — stay tuned.

✌️ Jess

P.S. Looking to share a job, event, project or other initiative with our community? We've now introduced a few ways you can

Glasgow Caledonian New York College is offering unique, research-based Master’s programs in Impact-Focused Business and International Fashion Marketing starting September 2019. In just 16 months, immerse yourself in the fundamentals of socially responsible business and learn how to use the industries of fashion and finance as forces for good. Click here to learn more and be considered for the GCNYC Common Good Scholarship, which ties business to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. (sponsored)

(2019 Copenhagen Fashion Summit)

(2019 Copenhagen Fashion Summit)

This Week's 5 Links

👠 Statement on the 2019 Copenhagen Fashion SummitThe Union of Concerned Researchers in Fashion

Last week, the 2019 Copenhagen Fashion Summit brought together 1,300 participants and 450 brands to discuss the future of fashion. The conference served as a springboard for sustainable initiatives like Nike’s new open-source Circular Design Workbook and French president Emmanuel Macron’s tapping of Kering CEO François-Henri Pinault to lead an ethical brand coalition. But on the sidelines of the summit, skeptics like the Union of Concerned Researchers in Fashion called out organizers for misleading language and shared three questions they felt were being ignored. In a world of more and more convenings, I’m glad to see watchdog groups pushing these types of events to be less self-congratulatory and more substantive. (6 minutes)

🏆 Nike Told Me to Dream Crazy, Until I Wanted a BabyThe New York Times

Most athletes in track and field rely on brand sponsorships for their income, typically based on the athlete’s ability to compete. So what happens when an athlete wants to become a mom — with all of the bodily changes that entails? In this video op-ed and article, runner Alysia Montaño explains how female track and field athletes are often left to choose between racing and parenthood, calling out Nike in particular for contradicting its aspirational slogans with its approach to female sponsorships. A week later, Allyson Felix followed up with her own story of getting pregnant as a Nike athlete.  Now, Nike says it is including clauses in future contracts to protect athletes who want to become mothers. (11 minutes)

🚺 The Complicated Gender Politics of Going Zero WasteVox

Scroll through the #zerowaste hashtag on Instagram and you’re bound to notice that the faces of this movement are predominantly female. In this Vox piece, Alden Wicker explores how the zero waste movement reinforces traditional gender roles by putting the bulk of the sustainability burden on women. “It’s essentially another layer to ‘having it all’: a career, a family, a perfectly Instagrammable life, and now you’re saving the planet, too.” (17 minutes)

🗑️ Are Plastic Bag Bans Garbage?NPR

Over the past few years, plastic bag bans have quickly gained momentum across cities, states and countries around the globe. But are these bans successfully leading to the #zerowaste world they promised — or could they unintentionally be resulting in worse outcomes? A University of Sydney economist shares the findings of a recent study… and just when the whole effort starts to seem completely hopeless, surfaces some solutions. (10 minutes)

📹 Kevin Groen: The Skin We’re InCreative Mornings Amsterdam

A few weeks ago, I heard Dutch “behavioral change enthusiast” and spoken word artist Kevin Groen give a talk on inclusivity at Creative Mornings, a breakfast lecture series for the creative community that’s now hosted in hundreds of locations around the globe. His words hooked me with their “Dutch directness” and their rawness and gave me a new perspective on issues of diversity and inclusion — including the idea of questioning our “assumed expertise” and the notion of going beyond visible indicators like gender and skin color to also consider hidden disabilities and impediments. (50 minutes)

MOST CLICKED FROM LAST ISSUE // (Even More) Social Impact Statistics You Should KnowEngage for Good. Access more resources like this in our archive.

Social Impact Jobs

Early Career

Atlassian — Atlassian Foundation Internship (Amsterdam)

Change.org — Creative Content Producer (New York)

Expedia — Communications & Diversity Manager (London or New York)

Henkel — Social Initiative & Sustainability Internship (Hamburg, Germany)

Impossible Foods — Content Intern (Redwood City, California)

ISS — ESG Research Analyst (Manila, Philippines)

Non-GMO Project — Information Systems Intern (Bellingham, Washington)

Urban Remedy — Brand Ambassador Lead (Pasadena, California)

Walt Disney Television Group — Assistant, CSR (Burbank, California)

Zenabis — CSR Project Coordinator (Vancouver, Canada)


Aldi — Corporate Responsibility Specialist, Supply Chain (Sydney, Australia)

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation — Senior Communications Officer (Seattle or Washington, DC)

Cora — Manager, Retail Sales Planning (San Francisco)

Eileen Fisher — Performance Marketing Manager (New York)

The Estee Lauder Companies — Global Corporate Citizenship & Sustainability Strategic Initiatives Manager (New York)

Fair Labor Association — Social Compliance Program Manager (Washington, DC)

Honest Company — Brand Manager, Feminine Care (Los Angeles Area)

Method — Project Manager, Product Experience (San Francisco)

Movember Foundation — Manager, Social Impact Campaigns (London)

Numi Organic Tea — Communications Manager (San Francisco Area)

Patagonia — Digital Brand Designer (Ventura, California)

REI — Product Creation Process Manager (Kent, Washington)

Upfield — Head of Brand PR and Corporate Social Engagement (London or Amsterdam)

Verizon — CSR Business Intelligence Manager (Basking Ridge, New Jersey)

Vodafone — Worker Rights Manager (Hong Kong)

Warby Parker — Senior Product Manager (New York)

Williams-Sonoma — Manager, CSR Supply Chain Sustainability (Singapore)

Wonderful Company — Manager, Social Impact Recruiting (Los Angeles)


Abbott — Ethical Marketing Lead (Sydney, Australia)

Amazon — Sr. Manager, Sustainability & Transportation (Seattle) (contact Danielle.L.Vermeer@gmail.com if interested)

Casper — Director, Marketing Analytics (New York)

Etsy — Director, Strategic Finance (New York)

Grove Collaborative — Vice President, Product Development & Innovation (San Francisco)

Novartis — Head, Global Health & Corporate Responsibility Communications (Basel, Switzerland)

Samsung — Employee Experience Manager, Branding & Engagement (Ridgefield Park, New Jersey)

World Resources Institute — Behavioral Scientist (contract) (Washington, DC)

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Brand activism    — it’s just getting started…

Brand activism — it’s just getting started…

057 / Extinction Rebellion, Charity:Water & Why Social Entrepreneurs Are So Burned Out (Plus, 3 Questions With Christine Bader)

Hi Friends,

Lots on deck this week, so let’s dive in!

👉 We’re excited to introduce “Hot Job Alerts” — a new sponsored feature highlighting exciting job openings in social impact. Our first opportunity from the C&A Foundation is 🔥🔥🔥. Click here if you want to submit an opportunity for our May 24th newsletter — there are only three slots available per issue.

👉 We’re also bringing back our popular “3 Questions” series with a profile of writer/speaker/advisor Christine Bader. Her new project is The Life I Want, a platform dedicated to reimagining the role of work in our lives and societies, co-founded with Eva Deniel. Into it. Scroll down for the link to the full interview.

👉 On May 21st, I’m joining a New York Design Week panel on “Thinking Green in 2019” hosted by Daly and MistyWest. So excited for this conversation on what it means to *actually* incorporate sustainability into a company’s everyday practices and values. If you’re in New York, sign up here (it’s free!) and say hi.

✌️ Jess


Non-profit Nest recently unveiled its first State of the Handworker Report, a comprehensive source of data on artisan small to medium sized enterprises and home-based workers engaged in craft work around the globe. Read the full report here.

(Reuters/Peter Nicholls via Quartz)

(Reuters/Peter Nicholls via Quartz)

This Week's 5 Links

Extinction Rebellion succeeded where most climate protests failQuartz

If you’ve only heard of Extinction Rebellion recently, you’re not alone. In just eight months, the climate activism group has managed to propel climate change to the top of Britain’s political agenda — so much so that they are widely credited with influencing the UK’s decision to announce a climate emergency last week. While it’s still unclear what this “climate emergency” actually entails, it’s a strong signal that climate change is an urgent risk that governments, businesses and citizens must start prioritizing. (7 minutes)

💻 “Men Are Scum”: Inside Facebook’s War On Hate SpeechVanity Fair

This behind-the-scenes peek into Facebook’s “shadow government” from Vanity Fair’s March issue is particularly relevant after the social media behemoth announced plans to ban “dangerous individuals” last week. In recent years, Facebook has been pressured to take more responsibility for the (mis)information spread via its social networks. Caught between freedom of speech and public safety, it’s needing to act more like a government than a corporation — a new business reality with challenging ethical dilemmas. Writes Simon van Zuylen-Wood: “If Facebook has created a parallel online society for a quarter of the world to live in, the question facing [the] team is: What kind of society is it going to be?” (23 minutes)

💧 A Charity Accepts Uber Stock as Donations. Then Uses It to Pay Staff Bonuses. Is That O.K.?The New York Times

Nonprofit workers have traditionally been expected to work long hours for low pay. Charity: water founder Scott Harrison is challenging that idea, arguing that his staff should benefit from the same “monetary upside” as leading employers like Google and Apple. Last month, the nonprofit announced a new plan to accept tech company stock as donations — but instead of funding their signature water projects, earnings will be paid out as employee bonuses. Oof. Harrison’s plan spotlights the tension between profit and purpose and has sparked much-needed conversation around social impact compensation. I appreciated this response from She’s The First founder Tammy Tibbetts, who argues that non-profits should cultivate and retain talent through a strong mission, flexible work culture and fair compensation — instead of trying to attract fickle tech employees with surface-level perks. (12 minutes)

💤 Why Social Entrepreneurs Are So Burned OutHarvard Business Review

Speaking of the purpose/profit tension, social entrepreneurs are feeling it. New research demonstrates that the “conflicting of goals” between helping those in need and running a commercially viable business can have a serious impact on health and wellbeing. Stress is a major problem (surprise, surprise) but researchers have identified a few characteristics that can help reduce burnout… and increase impact. (4 minutes)

📌 (Even More) Social Impact Statistics You Should KnowEngage for Good

Add this to your bookmarks for the next time you need to make the business case for CSR. Engage for Good’s database brings together compelling statistics from major sustainable business, cause marketing and philanthropy reports published over the past decade. You can finally close those 50 tabs of research and reports (you’re welcome). 🤗

MOST CLICKED FROM LAST ISSUE // Your H&M Addiction is Wreaking Havoc on the Environment. Here’s How to Fix It.Fast Company. Learn about more social impact challenges — and solutions —in our archive.

3 Questions With…

After leaving a high-profile role leading sustainability at Amazon, Christine Bader relocated with her family to Bali to explore “a way of life that is sustainable in every dimension”.

Full interview here 👉

Social Impact Jobs

C&A Foundation — Programme Manager, Circular Fashion (Amsterdam). The C&A Foundation was created to help spark the change that will fundamentally transform the fashion industry. This role will be responsible for developing, executing, and measuring the impact of programmes to transition the fashion industry from a linear model to a circular model. Deadline to apply is May 15th.

Early Career

Engie — Sustainability Compliance Administrator (Leeds, UK)

Fenton — CSR Internship (New York)

Floyd — Sustainability Intern (Detroit, Michigan)

GANT — Sustainability Intern (Stockholm, Sweden)

Hello Fresh — Supply Chain Sustainability Intern (Berlin)

Impact Capital Managers — Summer Associate Internship (New York City)

International Flavors & Fragrances — Sustainability Intern (Union Beach, New Jersey)

L’Oreal — Supply Chain Graduate (Copenhagen)

Mercedes-Benz — Marketing & CSR Administrator (Surrey, UK)

Natural History Museum — Environment & Sustainability Officer (London)

Nava — Design Researcher (Washington, DC)

New Profit — Associate, Investor Relations (Boston)

PopSockets — Social and Environmental Sustainability Intern (Boulder, Colorado)

SAILMATE — Sales & Marketing Intern (Amsterdam)

Selina — Impact Project Manager Internship (Panama City, Panama)

The R Collective — Marketing & E-Commerce Assistant (Hong Kong)

The World Bank — Social Development Specialist (Washington, DC)

United Nations — Environment Affairs Intern (Geneva)

Unilever — Assistant Social Accountability Manager ( Singapore)

Warner Brothers — Executive Assistant, Public Affairs (Los Angeles)


Amazon — EU Environmental Manager (Luxembourg)

American Express — Manager, Sustainability & CSR (Sydney, Australia)

Bank of China — Corporate Communications Manager, CSR (Hong Kong)

Divine Chocolate — Marketing Director (contract) (London)

IBM — Program Manager, CSR (Atlanta, Georgia)

J.P. Morgan — Associate, CSR (Mumbai, India)

KeepCup — Brand & Sustainability Manager (Los Angeles)

PepsiCo — Drinkfinity Communications & Sustainability Coordinator (Miami, Florida)

PVH Corp. — Communications Manager, Sustainability (Amsterdam)

Radley Yeldar — Sustainability Project Director (London)

SurveyMonkey — Social Impact/Employee Engagement Specialist (San Mateo, California)

The Freedom Fund — Senior Strategic Partnerships Manager (London)

Tiffany & Co. — Climate & Environment Manager (New York City)

UnitedHealth Group — Director, Social Responsibility Operations (Washington, DC or Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Vistaprint — Senior Specialist, Sustainability (Windsor, Canada)

World Resources Institute — Behavioral Scientist (contract) (Washington, DC)


Benetech — VP, Benetech Labs & Data Platforms (Palo Alto, California)

Grove Collaborative — Director, Sustainability (San Francisco)

Johnson & Johnson  — Senior Manager, Human Rights & Sustainability Compliance (New Brunswick, New Jersey)

Lululemon — Director of Product and Materials Sustainability (Vancouver)

RSF Social Finance — Senior Director, Credit (San Francisco)

Tri-Sector Associates — Director (Singapore)

Visa — Senior Director, Purpose Communications (San Francisco)

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Apples, pears, plums, peaches, cherries and apricots — all thrive together in “The Tree of 40 Fruit” by artist Sam Van Aken, a living art installation that uses centuries-old techniques to preserve heirloom and rare fruit varieties threatened by industrial fruit production. On display at the    Nature—Cooper Hewitt Design Triennial    exhibition, which opens today in New York.

Apples, pears, plums, peaches, cherries and apricots — all thrive together in “The Tree of 40 Fruit” by artist Sam Van Aken, a living art installation that uses centuries-old techniques to preserve heirloom and rare fruit varieties threatened by industrial fruit production. On display at the Nature—Cooper Hewitt Design Triennial exhibition, which opens today in New York.

056 / Fast Fashion, Ray Dalio & Why Earth Day Might Not Be So Relevant Anymore

Hi Friends,

What a week, eh? Between #EarthDay on Monday, #StopFoodWasteDay on Wednesday and #FashionRevolutionWeek wrapping up today, I’m pretty spent.

These “holidays” allow us to raise awareness around social and environmental issues — to celebrate our progress and call out the work that has yet to be done. But it can also be tough to separate out the substance from the PR and social media blitz.

It makes me reflect on why I started this newsletter in the first place — as a bi-weekly opportunity to cut through the clutter and surface content that triggers new ideas, new approaches, new ways of thinking.

I'm curious — what stood out to you this week? Anything that made you “reconsider” the role of business in this crazily changing world of ours? Hit reply to let us know.


P.S. If a link in this letter made you think, why not forward it on to a friend? Your referral is the biggest thanks you can give. 


Congratulations to our partner CleanDye on opening their first water and chemical free textile dyeing factory in Vietnam! An exciting milestone toward a cleaner fashion industry.


This Week's 5 Links

🌎 Interest in Earth Day is falling in the 2010s. Does it matter?Quartz

Is Earth Day old news? The April 22 holiday was initially launched in 1970 to spark substantive public and governmental action on environmental issues. But today, with subjects like climate change and plastic pollution well on the public radar, it’s become little more than a PR opportunity. This article charts the history and decline of Earth Day and questions its relevance in a changing world. (7 minutes)

👕 Your H&M Addiction is Wreaking Havoc on the Environment. Here’s How to Fix It.Fast Company

The fashion industry has a problem. To sell more and more, brands are producing more and more, listing new arrivals weekly. In this Fast Company op-ed, Elizabeth Segran makes the case for sustainable fashion, arguing that brands have the responsibility to produce less and consumers have a responsibility to consume less. This piece had particular resonance for us this week as we commemorate the sixth anniversary of the Rana Plaza collapse with Fashion Revolution Week. (9 minutes)

👉 TAKE ACTION: To change fashion for the better 💪. This guide we created with our partner Fashion for Good might help — it contains 30+ easy, actionable #goodfashion tips.

🔥 Why Does It Always Take a Crisis to Get Something Fixed?Slate

Last week, a devastating fire partially destroyed the Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris. The image of the iconic spire in flames prompted a spree of commitments from France’s wealthiest billionaires, including the heads of LVMH, L’Oréal and Kering. While initially applauded, the pledges (and their sponsoring companies) soon faced backlash as the donation amount passed $1 billion. Observers questioned why philanthropists were so quick to convene around Notre-Dame while other causes, like climate change or disasters in lesser known locations, struggle to receive the same attention. Swedish teen activist Greta Thunberg poignantly captured this sentiment in a speech to the EU parliament: “I want you to act like the house is on fire. I want you to panic.” This Slate article explores why it takes a historic landmark to literally catch fire in order to spark action. (11 minutes)

♻️ “You can’t be an environmentalist if… [insert BS, self-defeating standard here].”Medium

“You can’t be an environmentalist and eat meat.” “You can’t possibly talk about bike advocacy if you’re not first curbing your flying.” “How can you boast about insulating your home when you use an energy-hungry clothes dryer?” Statements like these are all too common in the environmental movement. Author Sami Grover calls out the tendency of environmentalists “to focus their fire on each other”, arguing that such hyper attention on the individual can eventually become counterproductive. The same might be said for business too — in our rush to point out inconsistencies in a company’s CSR efforts, we can sometimes fail to acknowledge the progress being made. (8 minutes)

📹 Ray Dalio Says Wealth Inequality Is A National Emergency60 Minutes

Earlier this month, hedge-fund billionaire Ray Dalio made headlines when he called out capitalism on the international stage. In this 60 Minutes interview and a LinkedIn post, he argues that the widening wealth gap threatens to split the United States and advocates economic reform — including (controversially) higher taxes on billionaires like himself. I’m eager to see if this missive, like the investor letters from BlackRock’s Larry Fink, will change how the mainstream investor community views social responsibility. I’m also waiting to see how Dalio will back up his words with meaningful action. (13 minute excerpt)

MOST CLICKED FROM LAST ISSUE // Are Bankers and Venture Capitalists Really Getting Fleeced by Patagonia?The New York Times. Read more about how businesses are challenging the status quo in our archive.

Social Impact Jobs

Early Career

Avery Dennison — Sustainability Intern (The Hague, Netherlands)

Ellevate — Social Media Coordinator (New York City)

Female Quotient — Executive Assistant & Chief of Staff (Los Angeles)

Gymshark — Sustainability Manager (Solihull, UK)

Intertek — Auditor, Supplier Management/CSR (Remote)

Invisible Hand — Executive/Administrative Assistant (New York City)

MasterCard — Analyst, Center for Inclusive Growth (London)

Peloton — Brand Coordinator, Social Impact (contract) (New York City)

Sustainable Apparel Coalition — Project Manager (Irvine, California)


Airbnb — Social Impact Experiences Lead, North America (Los Angeles)

Allbirds — MBA Intern, Product Strategy & Consumer Insights (San Francisco)

Amazon — Sustainability Science Researcher (Seattle) *if interested, reach out to Danielle.L.Vermeer@gmail.com*

Charlotte’s Web — Ecommerce Project Manager (Denver, Colorado)

Circulate Capital — Investment & Operations Director (Singapore)

Cisco / Inlea — CSR Program Manager (Bogotá, Colombia)

Grab — Social Impact Communications Manager (Manila, Philippines)

Harley-Davidson — Community Affairs Manager (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

LinkedIn — Senior Social Impact Programs Manager (London)

Lockheed-Martin — Senior Analyst, Sustainability (Bethesda, Maryland)

Maiyet — Brand Partnerships Manager (London)

Mercado Global — Design & Product Development Manager (Panajachel, Guatemala)

Participant Media — Manager, Social Impact (Los Angeles)

PepsiCo — Supply Chain Sustainability Manager (Shanghai, China)

PIE Strategy Limited — Senior Sustainability Analyst (Hong Kong)

PwC — Project Manager, Responsible Business Leadership (Seattle)

Revolution Foods — Senior Director, Operations (Edison, New Jersey)

Salesforce — Director, Product Management, Philanthropy Cloud Giving (Multiple Locations)

stok — Sustainability Project Manager (San Francisco)


Arbonne International — Director, Corporate Responsibility & Social Impact (Irvine, California)

Coca-Cola — Senior Communications Manager, Sustainability Reporting (Atlanta, Georgia)

Comcast — Senior Director, Partnerships & Community Impact (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Geneva Global — Managing Director, Philanthropic Services (Paoli, Pennsylvania)

Goodweave — Director of Communications (Washington, DC)

La Prairie Group — Sustainability Manager (Zurich, Switzerland)

Our jobs board is curated by Danielle L. Vermeer. Do you have an opening at your organization? Click here to submit a listing for consideration.

Artist Pablo Decan’s interpretation of “Putting a Price on The End of the World” — the theme of The New York Times’ Magazine’s recent    Climate Issue

Artist Pablo Decan’s interpretation of “Putting a Price on The End of the World” — the theme of The New York Times’ Magazine’s recent Climate Issue

055 / The Impossible Whopper, Last-Chance Tourism & Why Ryanair Is The New Coal

Hi Friends,

Maybe you have a sustainability strategy. You may even have strong leadership buy-in. Yet, you’re struggling to get your colleagues to change the way they approach their jobs so you can actually get stuff done and reach your goals.

If you work in corporate social responsibility, this problem might sound familiar. It’s certainly the case for many of the companies I work with.

One way to turn this situation around is to understand the behavioral dynamics at play. I recently wrote a Medium article (loosely based off our CSR/behavior change playbook) that explains why the concept of “social norms” might be just the unlock you’re looking for.

If this is a challenge you’re facing, give it a read and let me know what you think.


P.S. I'm planning travels to London and New York this May. If you’d like to link up or host one of RC’s CSR strategy and behavior change workshops for your organization, reach out! I have a few slots open between scone and pizza dates. 😉


Our partner Tommy Hilfiger just announced its second Fashion Frontier Challenge together with Impact Hub Amsterdam. The global competition is seeking start-ups and scale-up stage businesses developing solutions that promote inclusion and positive change in fashion. Apply by May 12 →

cue mouth watering  😍

cue mouth watering 😍

This Week's 5 Links

🍔 Burger King is Testing a Plant-Based Impossible WhopperBusiness Insider

It looks like beef. It tastes like beef. But nope — that Whopper patty is 100% plants. As more consumers learn about the environmental and climate change impacts of meat, they’re starting to seek out plant-based alternatives. Soon, they’ll be able to find one such alternative at Burger King. In partnership with startup Impossible Foods, BK is now testing its new Impossible Whopper, which boasts “100% Whopper 0% Beef”, in select locations. If successful, they plan to roll it out nationwide. (2 minutes)

👉 TAKE ACTION: Check out Impossible’s locator to find an Impossible Burger near you. Then take your most meat-loving friend along for a blind taste test to see if she/he/you can tell the difference. Our intern Lizzie recently did one with her dad and he couldn’t believe his taste buds; actual quote: “I would order this every single time over beef”. 🙌🎉

🏔 Are Bankers and Venture Capitalists Really Getting Fleeced by Patagonia?The New York Times  

Is Patagonia leaving “bros out in the cold”? Kinda. Recently, the outerwear company announced that it would only produce co-branded product with B Corps, nonprofits and members of the One Percent for the Planet initiative. This led finance folks — whose love for co-branded Better Sweater vests has sparked “Midtown Uniform” memes — to say they’re feeling “fleeced” (groan 🙄). It’s a unique example of a company saying no to business as a way of staying true to its values. Says founder Yvon Chouinard: “Life’s a lot easier if you break the rules instead of trying to conform to them. If you invent your own game, you can always be a winner.” (6 minutes)

🗺 Tourists Are Flocking to Locations Threatened By Climate Change. That Only Makes Things Worse.Vox

One of the latest trends in travel is “last-chance tourism” — the urge to visit at-risk destinations like the Great Barrier Reef and the Galápagos Islands before they are irreparably damaged due to climate change. But according to this Vox article, over-tourism is becoming a problem for many of these destinations, forcing Denmark’s Faroe Islands to close for a weekend and Palau to ask visitors to sign an environmental pledge in their passports before they’re let in. The irony? “When your motivation for traveling is to appreciate nature, it’s all the more difficult and unpleasant to accept your role in destroying it.” Tread consciously, friends. (6 minutes)

✈️ ‘Ryanair Is The New Coal’: Airline Enters EU’s Top 10 Emitters ListThe Guardian

Speaking of irony — Ryanair, which has proclaimed itself “Europe’s greenest airline”, is now the first non-coal company to be ranked on the EU’s list of its 10 worst carbon emitters. Ryanair’s aggressively low pricing has fueled the market for cheap, short flights — plus, aviation companies are permitted a large amount of untaxed emissions under the EU’s cap-and-trade system, so they face few economic consequences for growing emissions. Beyond regulation, experts say that the only real solution is to drive down demand for low-cost aviation. (2 minutes)

📽 Our Planet Netflix

In time for Earth Month, Netflix just released Our Planet, an original documentary series voiced by the iconic Sir David Attenborough. And yes — the footage is as magnificent as the trailer implies. But what’s more fascinating is how Attenborough connects the wonders onscreen with the destructive forces changing the world as we know it. It’s no accident; in recent years, 92-year-old Attenborough has emerged as a leading climate change activist.“What we do in the next 20 years will determine the future of life on Earth,” Attenborough intones in episode 1. “Never has it been more important to understand how the natural world works and how to help it.” (eight 50 minute episodes)

MOST CLICKED FROM LAST ISSUE // 2019 Future of Sustainability Report The Futures Centre. Access more sustainability and social impact resources in our archive.

Social Impact Jobs

Early Career

GANT — Global Sustainability Coordinator (Stockholm, Sweden)

GUCCI — CSR Internship (Scandicci, Italy)

Guggenheim Partners — Summer 2019 Intern, Sustainability (New York City)

Hubbub Foundation — Sustainability Intern (London)

Pledge 1% — Executive Assistant & Member Success Coordinator (San Francisco)

TerraCycle — Resource Development Associate (Trenton, NJ)

The B Team — Executive Assistant (New York City)

Unilever — Social Impact Program Coordinator (Englewood Cliffs, NJ)

Warner Bros. — Philanthropy Administrator (Burbank, CA)

WAYB — Brand Adventure Coordinator (Pasadena, CA)


ABB — Health, Safety, & Environment Specialist (Istanbul, Turkey)

ALDI — Corporate Responsibility Specialist, Reporting (Sydney, Australia)

Cicero Group — Associate Consultant, Social Impact (Salt Lake City, UT; Dallas, TX; or Washington, DC)

Diageo — Manager, Environment & Sustainability Excellence (Chicago Area)

Eco-Age — Account Director, Sustainability Practice (London)

Estée Lauder Companies, Inc. — Assistant Manager, Philanthropic Partnerships (New York City)

International Flavors and Fragrances — Corporate Sustainability Manager (Union Beach, NJ)

KIND — Sr. Manager, Continuous Improvement (New York City)

Louis Vuitton — Project Manager, Environment and Carbon (Paris)

Lyft — Senior Diversity Business Partner, Tech (San Francisco)

MACY’S — Manager, Corporate Giving (New York City)

Target — Senior Manager, Local Activation (Minneapolis)

Verizon — CSR Manager (New York City)

Vote Solar — Manager, Communications (Oakland, CA)

Wilbur-Ellis — CSR Manager (San Francisco)

Zendesk — Tech for Good Manager (San Francisco)


GlobalGiving — Director of Business Partnerships (Washington, D.C.)

Mondelez — Sustainability Lead Americas (East Hanover, NJ)

Ralph Lauren — VP, Sustainability (Lyndhurst, NJ)

Twilio — Director, Crisis Response and Product (San Francisco)

Wyndham Hotels & Resorts — GVP, Social Responsibility (Parsippany, NJ)

Our jobs board is curated by Danielle L. Vermeer. Do you have an opening at your organization? Click here to submit a listing for consideration.

how much do we love    these posters    celebrating women in STEM?

how much do we love these posters celebrating women in STEM?

054 / Dirty Money, Water Innovation & Why Rent The Runway Might Be The Future Of Fashion

Hi Friends,

Recently I asked what you were loving — and not quite loving — about the Reconsidered newsletter. Here are some of the things you like:

  • Our curation of articles and resources — “like you’re chatting with a close, socially conscious friend who knows what’s up”

  • Our social impact jobs board — “the exact types of jobs I'm looking for"

  • And my personal favorite… “you guys aren't annoying!” (aw thanks 🤗)

And here are a few things you want to see:

  • More interviews with people in the field (we took a brief hiatus on our “3 Questions” series but we're bringing it back soon)

  • More ideas on taking action, both in and outside your work

  • More user-friendly navigation

To address that last one, I’m excited to share a refreshed design for our bi-weekly newsletter. Same simplicity you told us you love, but spruced up a bit for navigation and style points. What do you think about our new look? Hit reply, I’d love to hear from you.

✌️ Jess


Another thing we learned from the survey? A whopping 63% of you heard about us from a friend or colleague. If you get value out of this newsletter, please consider forwarding it or giving us some LinkedIn love.

the life-changing magic of a closet full of clothing rentals  😍

the life-changing magic of a closet full of clothing rentals 😍

This Week's 5 Links

🦄 Rent the Runway Joins the Unicorn ClubForbes

Meet the latest tech start-up to reach a $1 billion valuation — Rent the Runway. Not only does RTR’s latest investment round add a female CEO to the traditionally all-boys “unicorn club”, it’s also good news for circular apparel models, underscoring a larger trend toward rental and resale in the fashion industry. Such models have the opportunity to upend fast fashion — with its mountains of textile waste and challenges with charity-shop donations — and RTR’s rise is a strong proof point demonstrating that consumers (and investors) are hungry for it. (4 minutes)

👉 For your next wedding — or just because — why not try renting an outfit instead of buying new clothes? This referral link will get you $30 off your first RTR order.

💧 Tackling the Water Crisis Will Be Just As Hard As It SoundsFast Company

Awesome. But before you scroll past that god-awful headline, hear us out. In honor of World Water Day last Friday, this article highlights three of the world’s biggest water challenges — but also serves up some solutions from the ImagineH2O startup accelerator, which aims to solve water challenges around the globe. Innovations include Aquacycle, which has a new approach to wastewater treatment that it’s piloting at the Joshua Tree Brewery, and Wellntell, which has figured out a better way to track groundwater levels. Let’s all be glad these folks are turning their anxiety into action. (8 minutes)

💻 Kickstarter’s Employees Are Forming a UnionBusiness Insider

Last week, employees at crowdfunding company Kickstarter announced they would be forming a union called Kickstarter United. If the union is recognized, Kickstarter would be the first major tech company to have union representation. Not only does this continue a larger trend (see: Google walkout, Amazon open letter, Microsoft petition), it also demonstrates that companies need to more actively consider their employees as major stakeholders when it comes to social responsibility. Just hours after Kickstarter employees declared their union, co-founder and CEO Perry Chen stepped down. (4 minutes)

💊 The Family That Profited From the Opioid CrisisThe New York Times’ The Daily Podcast

In recent weeks, cultural institutions like the Guggenheim and the Tate have cut ties with one of their biggest philanthropic donors — the Sackler family of Purdue Pharma, which has been heavily implicated in the opioid epidemic. This podcast dives into the saga, exploring how a little-known family helped propel a drug crisis that kills hundreds each day. It also touches on the implications for philanthropy. In the past, it didn’t matter where philanthropists got their money; they were simply celebrated for donating it. Now, institutions are needing to become more critical. (28 minutes)

🔮 2019 Future of Sustainability ReportThe Futures Centre

For many in sustainability, 2020 was viewed as a key milestone opportunity. But now that it’s almost upon us (how?!?!) it’s time to look forward to the next decade. In its latest report, Forum for the Future’s Futures Centre outlines the key areas that will define and shape our world in the 2020s — things like climate-induced migration, changing consumerism in Asia, and biodiversity loss. Plus, we love its nifty interactive format. (33 minutes)

MOST CLICKED FROM LAST ISSUE // How Fancy Water Bottles Became a 21st Century Status Symbol — The Atlantic. Read up on more trends in our archive.

MCS graphic.png


A study out of Princeton (my alma mater, go Tigers! ) suggests that pride is a stronger motivator for environmental decision-making than other emotions, like guilt. Learn more in our free playbook, which lays out why we think behavior change is the unlock CSR practitioners have been waiting for. Download it here 👉

Social Impact Jobs

Early Career

4 Fingers Crispy Chicken — CSR/Sustainability Champion (Singapore)

Arabella Advisors — Program Associate (Washington, DC) *if interested, reach out to Danielle.L.Vermeer@gmail.com*

Burton Snowboards — Sustainability Analyst (Burlington, Vermont)

Common Objective — Marketing & Communications Intern (internship) (London)

Dalberg — Analyst (New York, San Francisco, or Washington, DC)

Dentsu Aegis Network — Social Impact Coordinator (London)

Oke USA/Equal Exchange — Supply Chain Coordinator (West Bridgewater, Massachusetts)

PVH Corp. — Corporate Responsibility Coordinator, Programs & Operations (New York City)

The Good Lab — Project Officer (Hong Kong)

Tri-Sector Associates — Impact Investing Associate (Singapore)

Unilever — Social Impact Program Coordinator, Supply Chain (Englewood Cliffs, NJ)

Zipline — Business Development, Global Partnerships (San Francisco)


Elevate Destinations — Associate Director, Social Impact Journeys (Boston, Massachusetts)

Fairphone — Product Manager (Amsterdam)

FoodCorps — Business Applications Manager (Portland, Oregon)

Gildan — Advisor, CSR Communications (Montreal, Canada)

IDEO.org — Design Strategy Lead (San Francisco)

Inspire Brands — Foundation Marketing & Communications Manager (Atlanta, Georgia)

International Flavors & Fragrances — Sustainability Sourcing Manager (Union Beach, New Jersey)

JLL — Sustainability Consultant (London)

JUST Capital — Wages & Workers Sector Analyst (New York City)

MSLGROUP/Salterbaxter — Senior Consultant (New York City)

New Relic — Program Manager, CSR (Portland, Oregon)

Organic Cotton Accelerator — Program Officer (Amsterdam)

PagerDuty — Program Manager, Global Social Impact (San Francisco)

PwC — Investment Community Engagement Manager (London)

Theo Chocolate — Brand Manager (Seattle)

The Nature Conservancy — New York Climate Mitigation Director (Albany, New York)

Virgin — Sustainability Manager (London)

Weber Shandwick — Manager, Social Impact (New York)

VF Corp. — Manager, Sustainable Products Data (Denver, Colorado)

Zalora — Regional Sustainability Manager (Singapore)


Clinton Foundation — Director, Clinton Climate Initiative, Island Energy Program (New York City)

Co-Impact — Director, Programs (New York City)

Comcast — Director, Technology & Analytics, Community Impact (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Delta Air Lines — Managing Director, Global Environment, Sustainability, & Compliance (Atlanta, Georgia)

Hasbro — Director of Engineering Sustainability (Pawtucket, Rhode Island)

NIKE — Director, Social & Community Impact (Beaverton, Oregon)

Tony Blair Institute for Global Change — Head of Prosperity and Sustainability (London)

United Nations Foundation — Senior Director, Sustainable Development (New York City)

Our jobs board is curated by Danielle L. Vermeer. Do you have an opening at your organization? Click here to submit a listing for consideration.

recent obsession: drone pics. reminds me what we're fighting for.

recent obsession: drone pics. reminds me what we're fighting for.

053 / Girl Power, Air Pollution & How Fancy Water Bottles Became a 21st Century Status Symbol (Plus, Meet Our New Interns!)

Hi Friends,

I’ve spent the past few weeks hopscotching across California, meeting and exchanging ideas with many of you. What a journey! I’m feeling inspired, somewhat over-caffeinated and overall very, very grateful for the community we’re building through Reconsidered.

While on the road, I’ve been supported by two wonderful new interns:

👉 Lizzie Russler is a student at University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill studying Contemporary European Studies and Sustainability. Her first foray into CSR came as a Sustainability, Social Impact and Diversity & Inclusion Intern at Sephora.

👉 Mélina Labrosse is a French Canadian living in Berlin. She is passionate about design and committed to incorporating sustainability and positive social change within her work.

With the help of Lizzie, Mélina and jobs board curator Danielle, we’ll be rolling out some newsletter improvements in the coming weeks. Stay tuned — good things are coming.


P.S. Thank you to everyone who filled out our reader survey — and congratulations to reader Georgia P. for snagging that Airbnb gift card! If you want to help shape the future of Reconsidered, there’s still time to make your voice heard. Fill out the survey here →


We need to be bolder. Think bigger. Be audacious! 💥

TRANSFORM: Climate, Communities & Capital is a new conference from the team behind SOCAP, SEED, Neighborhood Economics, TriplePundit and other networks that have come to define the way money and meaning can work together for good. It all happens May 22-24 in San Francisco. Reconsidered readers can register with this link to get 10% off the registration fee.

Looking to promote a product, event or milestone? Send us a note to learn more about sponsorship opportunities.


This Week's Five Links

23 Eye-Rolling Examples of Brands Pandering on International Women’s DayFast Company
Our newsfeeds blew up on March 8th with all sorts of women’s empowerment messaging. All well and good, right? Why NOT celebrate women? The problem, as Fast Company points out, is that “brands tend to treat International Women’s Day as a festival for pandering with cheap Girl Power-isms. It’s as though Ivanka Trump’s books got their very own day.” I’m hopeful that these more critical views will push companies to make next year’s IWD an opportunity to make meaningful commitments that actually push women forward — like equal pay, access to leadership opportunities and more family-friendly benefits.
👉TAKE ACTION: What do you think about companies using IWD as a marketing moment? Great that businesses are engaging in the conversation — or shameful that companies are co-opting the movement without making substantive changes? Join the conversation on LinkedIn.  

What Happened When These Brands Put Women-Owned On Their ProductsMarket Watch
Speaking of, more and more women are getting their businesses officially certified as “women-owned” — and it seems to be making a difference. Launched in 2014, the certification now covers ~15,000 companies and is facilitated by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council. Though research is limited, some brands with the certification have reported increased customer loyalty. However barriers remain in other areas, like getting investment.

Study Finds Racial Gap Between Who Causes Air Pollution And Who Breathes ItNPR
On Monday, a new study was published demonstrating that air pollution is disproportionately caused by white Americans' consumption of goods and services, but disproportionately inhaled by black and Hispanic Americans. These results inevitably raise the question, “Are those who produce pollution, through their consumption of goods and services, fairly sharing in the costs?” It also creates the opportunity to more meaningfully address consumption-related pollution drivers like urban development and automobile transport.

How Fancy Water Bottles Became a 21st Century Status SymbolThe Atlantic
“If you can understand why so many people would spend 50 bucks on a water bottle, you can understand a lot about America in 2019,” posits this Atlantic article on the rise of S’well, Yeti, Sigg, Hydro Flask and their pricy reusable hydration vessel competitors. Their success points to sustainability as a status symbol — to sometimes complicated effect. A fascinating read.

Now here’s an example of a company using its platform to start a substantive conversation around women’s equality. In this eight-minute short, Pixar tackles toxic work cultures with humor and empathy. When Purl, a feminine ball of bright pink yarn, starts a new job at the investment firm B.R.O. (😉😉) she is ridiculed and excluded for her differences. She responds in a way that will feel familiar to many women — but then comes a plot twist that will make you feel as warm and fuzzy as the protagonist.

MOST CLICKED FROM LAST ISSUE // 2069Medium. Check out our archive for more tips and tools. 

Social Impact Jobs

Early Career

BBMG — Summer Intern, Design (New York City)

Crisis Text Line — Business Development Associate (New York City)

Fashion for Good — Digital Marketing Intern (Amsterdam)

GlobalGiving — Business Partnerships Fellowship (Washington, DC)

LGT Venture Philanthropy — Impact Fellowship (Zurich, Switzerland)

LM Wind Power — Sustainability Trainee (Amsterdam Area)

Nisolo — Brand Partnership Intern (internship) (Nashville, Tennessee)

Nokia — Corporate Responsibility Trainee (Espoo, Finland)

Propper Daley — Coordinator, Digital Strategy (Los Angeles)

The Estée Lauder Companies — Associate, Environmental Sustainability (New York City)

Obvious Ventures — Senior Associate (San Francisco)

Weber Shandwick — Junior Associate, Social Impact (New York City)


Agoda — Director of Corporate Social Responsibility (Bangkok, Thailand)

Airbnb — Social Impact Experiences Manager (contract) (Cape Town, South Africa)

ALDO — Sustainability Analyst (Montreal, Canada)

Amazon — Sr. Product Manager, Sustainable Packaging (Seattle, Washington) (contact Danielle.L.Vermeer@gmail.com if interested)

BESTSELLER — Sustainability Reporting & Communications Manager (Multiple Locations: Denmark or Amsterdam)

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative — Grants Manager, Science (Redwood City, California)

Columbia Sportswear — Product Sustainability Manager (Portland, Oregon)

Facebook — Technical Program Manager, Charitable Giving (Menlo Park, California)

Fair Trade USA — Brand Partnerships Manager, Apparel & Home Goods (Oakland, California)

Humanity United — Strategy, Learning, and Impact Manager (San Francisco)

IBM — Corporate Responsibility Lead (Markham, Canada)

Keurig Dr. Pepper — Sr. Specialist, Responsible Sourcing (Shenzhen, China)

Levi Strauss & Co. — Sr. Analyst, Global Product Sustainability (San Francisco)

Oath — Legal Counsel, Business & Human Rights (New York City or Washington, DC)

Oracle — Sustainability Manager (Reading, UK)

PepsiCo — Business Manager, Sustainability (Plano, Texas)

RB — Global Sustainability Performance & Reporting Manager (Slough, UK)

Resonance — Manager, Strategic Partnerships (Burlington, Vermont)

Sidewalk Labs — Data Scientist, Sustainability (New York City)

Uber — Senior Brand Manager, Global Social Impact, Uber Eats (San Francisco)

XPRIZE — Junior Partnerships Officer (Los Angeles)


Ball Corporation — Director, Sustainability (Broomfield, Colorado)

Bayer — Head of Diversity & Inclusion (Whippany, New Jersey)

Brilliant Earth — Director of Product, Ecommerce (San Francisco)

BSR — Human Rights Director (Paris or San Francisco)

Calvert — ESG Portfolio Manager (Washington, DC)

Chanel — Group Director, US Corporate Social Responsibility / Sustainability (New York City)

Cone Communications — Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility (Boston, Massachusetts)

Coty — Corporate Affairs Director, Asia-Pacific (Shanghai, China)

Hilton — Head of Corporate Responsibility (McLean, Virginia)

JP Morgan Chase — Director of External Programs, Military & Veterans Affairs (New York City)

Lidl — Sustainability Manager (Hong Kong)

Lyft — Senior Diversity Business Partner (San Francisco)

Net Impact — Chief Executive Officer (San Francisco)

Patagonia — Head of Supply Chain Environmental Responsibility (Ventura, California)

Ralph Lauren — Senior Director, Sustainability (New York City Area)

Spring Impact — US Director (San Francisco)

Time’s Up — Vice President, Communications (New York or Los Angeles)

Univision — Vice President Community Partnerships (Miami, Florida)

Our jobs board is curated by Danielle L. Vermeer. Do you have an opening at your organization? Click here to submit a listing for consideration.

THE HIGH NOTE // 50 — number of inspiring social and environmental “fixers” spotlighted in the annual Grist 50. A scroll through their projects will leave you feeling fired up and ready to go. 🚀

Let's Get Together

When not putting out this newsletter, Reconsidered works with organizations to embed impact into the way they do business. Our client work sits at the intersection of strategy, communications and community-building, with a special focus on using the science of behavior change for good. Learn more about what we do 👉

052 / 2069, Plastic-Free Islands & The Life-Changing Magic Of Just Buying Less

Hello Friends,

This issue marks Reconsidered’s 2nd birthday! 🎉🎉🎉

First, a huge thank you to everyone who’s been along for the ride. I know your inbox is sacred space, and I am grateful that you have allowed us in.

I also wanted to take this occasion to get your thoughts. What are you digging? What do you want to see more of? Your honest feedback will help us make the newsletter more valuable for you.

Click here to complete a quick survey →
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To sweeten the deal, readers who respond before Wednesday, March 6, at 5pm CET will be entered to win a $50 Airbnb gift card — ideal for your next conscious adventure. 🌎

Again, thank you for being part of the Reconsidered community. We wouldn’t be entering our terrible twos without you.


CLIENT LOVE // Our partner Etsy just announced a big commitment to offset 100% of the carbon emissions generated by shipping in their marketplace. 🙌 This makes them the first e-commerce platform to substantively address their emissions from transport, one of the biggest contributors to climate change. Learn more about their commitment here. (P.S. Etsy’s Sustainability Team is hiring! Scroll down to our Jobs Board for the link)


On March 8, New York University’s Law, Policy and Business Schools are hosting their annual Social Innovation Symposium in New York City. This year's theme, Striving for the Circular Economy, explores an alternative way of looking at relationships between markets, consumers, and natural resources. Experts from an array of backgrounds will come together to inspire a new generation of change-makers, including Keynote Speaker Tom Szaky, CEO of TerraCycle, as well as panelists from Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Cisco, Eileen Fisher, Morgan Stanley, Bloomberg, Toast Ale and more.

Sign up here and enter promo code RECONSIDERED for 15% off  👉

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This Week's Five Links

Marie Kondo and the Life-Changing Magic of Buying Less — Grist    
In the new Netflix show Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, the Japanese cleaning guru helps people find joy through her trademark KonMari method. During the few episodes I watched, I couldn’t help but consider the sustainability implications of the stuff, the disposal and the journey to a more edited lifestyle. I wasn’t alone. This exchange between Grist staffers Eve Andrews and Annelise McGough addresses some of the social and environmental themes of the show, like why people own so much in the first place and the privilege inherent in the KonMari movement.
👉 TAKE ACTION: Ready to KonMari your way to a more minimal and sustainable lifestyle? Get started with Kondo’s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up (bonus points if you borrow from the library instead of purchasing your own version).

Bill Gates Says Poverty is Decreasing. He Couldn’t Be More Wrong — The Guardian
Just before Davos, Bill Gates tweeted an infographic claiming that poverty has gone down dramatically over the past 200 years. Though compelling, the University of London’s Jason Hickel calls “wishful thinking”. Not only does Hickel call out the ambiguity of pre-1980s data, the debate over the $1.90 poverty line and the outsized role of China, but he also questions whether the shift from a subsistence to a capitalist society is necessarily better for the global population. His Guardian op-ed sparked a fascinating back-and-forth between author Steven Pinker (whose data was called out) and Hickel about the role of neoliberal capitalism in reducing (or exacerbating) global poverty. It highlights the evolving conversation around capitalism as a driver of progress — and underscores the danger of convenient statistics.

Amazon’s $0 Corporate Income Tax Bill Last Year, Explained — Vox
Despite Amazon’s staggering growth, the company did not pay federal taxes for 2018 — and yes, that was completely legal. How is it possible that a company valued at roughly $800 billion with $11.2 billion in 2018 profits does not have to pay taxes? This Vox piece points to the Trump administration’s corporate tax cuts paired with several tax loopholes. But that hasn’t stopped news outlets from publishing searing headlines and the public from protesting. The outcry points to a bigger theme — that corporate taxation is increasingly becoming a hot public interest area for both companies and governments. Watch this space.

Vanuatu Has One of the World’s Strictest Plastic Bans. It's About To Get Tougher. — The Huffington Post 
Last summer, the Pacific island nation of Vanuatu banned single-use plastic bags, plastic straws and styrofoam food containers in an effort to preserve their local environment and combat ocean plastic. Now, lawmakers are considering expanding the ban to include disposables like diapers, plastic cutlery and grocery packaging. Though Pacific island nations contribute less than 1% to global ocean plastic volume, Vanuatu hopes to set an example for other countries by proving that bold solutions like single-use plastic bans can work. In doing so, they are proving the power of islands as living laboratories for sustainability policy and innovation.

📖 2069 — Medium
What will the world look like in 2069? The latest issue of Medium’s online magazine attempts to predict how the world will change by my 83rd birthday. Several pieces touch on social and environmental topics, from e-waste to the future of wine to why Los Angeles is ground zero for climate change 😬. In my work to communicate the necessity of social responsibility to companies, I’m constantly trying to paint a picture of what will happen in the future if we don’t take action now. This is a powerful resource for developing that kind of futurist mindset.

MOST CLICKED FROM LAST ISSUE // No online shopping company can figure out how to quit this one plastic bag — Vox. More fascinating content in our archives.

Social Impact Jobs

Early Career

Boston Cares — Corporate Volunteer Project Manager (Boston, Massachusetts)

Georgetown University — Digital Communications Associate - The Beeck Center for Social Impact + Innovation (Washington, DC)

ESPN — Coordinator, Corporate Citizenship (Bristol, Connecticut)

Kohler — Project Coordinator, Sustainability (contract) (Kohler, Wisconsin)

Royal Bank of Canada — Assistant Manager, Regional Marketing & Citizenship (Toronto)

The Wing — Impact Coordinator (New York)


Atalanta — Social Media Manager (London)

Endeavor — Director, Social Impact (New York or Los Angeles)

Etsy — Program Manager, Workplace, Sustainability, and Sourcing (New York)

Farfetch — Sustainable Business Manager (London)

Fashion for Good — Business Controller (part-time) (Amsterdam)

G2 Crowd — Director of Corporate Impact (Chicago)

Golin — Senior Media Manager, Corporate Responsibility/Sustainability (San Francisco)

H&M — Environment Sustainability Program Manager (Phnom Penh, Cambodia)

Harvard Business School — Project Director & Senior Researcher, Impact Weighted Accounts Initiative (Boston, Massachusetts)

Rockefeller Foundation — Program Manager, Innovation (New York)

Salesforce — Product Manager, Nonprofit Impact Measurement (Multiple U.S. Locations)

Samhita — Director, Social Ventures & Corporate Partnerships (Mumbai, India)

Thomson Reuters Foundation — TrustLaw Program Manager, UK and Northern Europe (London)

The White Company — CSR Manager (London)

Unilever — Associate Manager, Sustainability (Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey)

VisionSpring — Government and Foundation Senior Development Officer (New York)

Vitol Group — Sustainability Manager, Biofuels (Rotterdam, Netherlands)


Coca-Cola Company — Communications & Social Impact Manager (Athens, Greece)

Disney — Director, Enterprise Social Responsibility (Los Angeles Area)

Futerra — Sustainability Strategy Director (USA)

Nike — Senior Director of Advocacy, Global Sustainability (Portland, Oregon)

R U OK? — Chief Executive Officer (Sydney, Australia)

Sesame Workshop — Vice President, Social Impact and Philanthropy Business Operations (New York)

Shift — Chief Operating Officer (New York)

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THE HIGH NOTE // 30 MILLION — tons of dairy wasted each year in Italy. Tuscan company Duedilatte is spinning this spoiled milk protein into a chemical-free silky fiber for clothing 🥛


051 / A Green New Deal, Super Bowl LIII & Why The World Needs More Greta Thunberg

California, I’m coming for you! For most of March, I will be up and down the coast leading workshops and meeting with organizations that are committed to social and environmental change.

I have many roots in California — I was born in San Francisco, my husband and I got married in Monterey and my in-laws live in Orange County. The openness and progressiveness of the state never fails to inspire me. And the burritos. THE BURRITOS. 🌯🌯🌯

If you’re interested in having me lead one of RC’s CSR strategy and behavior change workshops for your organization — or if you’d just like say hi — give me a shout! I have a few chunks of time open in San Francisco and Los Angeles.


P.S. I’m taking some time off the next few weeks to unplug and refresh, so the next issue will be bumped back by a week. Thank you for understanding. 😊

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This Week’s Five Links

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Releases Green New Deal OutlineNPR
Yesterday, U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Senator Ed Markey released an outline of the “Green New Deal”, a progressive set of policy proposals that would take urgent action to eliminate U.S. carbon emissions, bolster the middle class and reorient the American economy. The framework is admittedly ambitious. But then, “Even the solutions that we have considered big and bold are nowhere near the scale of the actual problem that climate change presents to us,” says AOC. The proposal, which includes clean energy investments, agricultural reform and universal healthcare, has generated a lot of buzz in Washington —and nearly ensures that environmental issues will (finally) be a major talking point in the 2020 elections. Watch this space.

Why Super Bowl Ads (Mostly) Dodged Political Messages This YearAdweek
“The Super Bowl is a barometer about how the country thinks about itself, and how brands think about themselves.” If that’s the case, then Super Bowl LIII ads played it pretty safe when it came to social responsibility. Humor was big. So were feel-good spots on issues that are hard to push back on, like women’s empowerment. Only Budweiser caused a stir with its spot against corn syrup. It's encouraging to see companies use their marketing spend to promote purpose — but while watching Carrie Bradshaw tip back her Stella Artois to promote clean water, “I couldn’t help but wonder” if there’s a better use for the $175K/second cost of a Super Bowl ad. A few reporters from The Washington Post, which released a powerful ad on protecting journalism, felt the same. Reporter Sarah Kaplan tweeted: “I’m really proud to work at a newspaper that does this vital work. But maybe next $10 million could go toward better health benefits, parental leave, equal pay, and more jobs for reporters?”

How to Solve the World’s Plastics Problem: Bring Back the Milk ManCNN
Sometimes, you have to take a step back in order to take a step forward. That’s the idea behind Loop — a new zero-waste packaging initiative launched by Terracycle and a coalition of consumer goods companies including Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Nestlé, PepsiCo, and Danone. Loop essentially brings back the “milkman model” of reusable packaging, which faded after single-use plastics were introduced to consumers in the 1960s. If successful, it will offer about 300 iconic products — think Tide detergent and Häagen-Dazs ice cream — in reusable packaging that can be picked up by a delivery service, cleaned, refilled and shipped out again. This article dives into how this unlikely partnership came about and what obstacles need to be tackled in order for it to become a reality.

No Online Shopping Company Can Figure Out How to Quit This One Plastic BagVox
Speaking of packaging, what the heck is up with those flimsy plastic bags that come with pretty much everything you order online? Alden Wicker explores why e-commerce companies and retailers are so reliant on “polybags” — low-density, polyethylene, #4 virgin plastic film bags that accompany everything from clothing to meal kit ingredients to little electronic components. She also shares how companies like Patagonia, Mara Hoffman, Seed and For Days are exploring alternative materials and business models to design this wastefulness out of existence.

📹 Greta Thunberg: The Disarming Case To Act Right Now On Climate ChangeTED Talk
One of the rising heroes of the climate change movement is Greta Thunberg — a 16-year-old Swedish student whose courage, activism and real talk has demonstrated the power of the youth voice. Her campaigns — like staging a school strike on the steps of the Swedish Parliament and camping in sub-zero temperatures at Davos — have propelled her to the world stage in a matter of months. They’ve also made her the target of the worst kind of Internet trolls, to whom she bravely clapped back on Facebook last weekend. In this moving TEDxStockholm talk, Greta opens up about a little-known part of her background — her diagnosis with Asperger syndrome, a type of autism. She sees her autism as a gift that allows her to speak truth in a way that few others can:

“For those of us who are on the spectrum, almost everything is black or white. We aren't very good at lying, and we usually don't enjoy participating in this social game that the rest of you seem so fond of. I think in many ways that we autistic are the normal ones, and the rest of the people are pretty strange, especially when it comes to the sustainability crisis, where everyone keeps saying climate change is an existential threat and the most important issue of all, and yet they just carry on like before. I don't understand that, because if the emissions have to stop, then we must stop the emissions. To me that is black or white. There are no gray areas when it comes to survival.”

Amen to that. 👏👏👏

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Social Impact Jobs

Early Career

Bridges Fund Management — Analyst, Impact Investing (London)

Dalberg — Analyst (Mexico City)

Dolby Laboratories — Sustainability Initiative Intern (internship) (San Francisco)

EVERFI — Senior Analyst, Impact & Education (Boston)

Holstee — Customer Experience & Marketing Support (part-time) (Remote)

Panera Bread — Corporate Social Responsibility Assistant (temporary) (St. Louis, Missouri)

Shahi — Organizational Development and Sustainability Senior Executive (New Delhi, India)

Social Impact — Program Assistant, Impact Evaluation (Washington, DC)

Sundar — Sustainability Intern (internship) (New York/Remote)

Tideline — Analyst/Coordinator, Impact Investing (New York)

TOMS — PR Coordinator, EMEA (Amsterdam)


Alan Turing Institute — Data Science Research Fellow, Women in Artificial Intelligence (London)

Amazon — Operations Program Manager, Social Responsibility (Seattle, Washington)

Arconic Foundation — Program Officer (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

C&A Foundation — Senior Learning Specialist (Amsterdam)

Charity:water — Water Programs Manager (New York)

Clarity — Social Impact Researcher (Madrid)

Fashion for Good — Strategy and Business Development Manager (Amsterdam)

Google.org — Lead Product Marketing Manager (San Francisco)

GoPro — Senior Manager, Corporate Communications & Cause (San Francisco Area)

Kraft Heinz — Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility (Chicago)

Purpose — Strategist (contract) (London)

Salesforce.org — Senior Associate, Grant Operations (San Francisco)

Sheryl Sandberg & Dave Goldberg Family Foundation — Senior Manager, Social Media - LeanIn.org (San Francisco Area)

Sprint — Energy and Sustainability Project Manager (Overland Park, Kansas)


Blueprint Local — Managing Director, Impact Investments (Multiple U.S. Locations)

Coca-Cola — Senior Director, Social Impact (Atlanta)

Dropbox — Head of Government Affairs and Social Impact, UK & Ireland (London)

Girl Effect — Senior Manager, Institutional Partnerships (Abuja, Nigeria)

MasterCard — VP, Social Impact (New York)

Microsoft — Director, Social Good Marketing (Redmond, Washington)

Sustainable Apparel Coalition — Senior Manager, Public Affairs (Amsterdam)

Wells Fargo — Head of Philanthropy (San Francisco)

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THE HIGH NOTE // 30 — the number of years of free Beyoncé and Jay Z concert tickets you could win by joining The Greenprint Project, a new campaign that encourages plant-based eating as good for the planet 🥗



050 / Razors, Davos & Tilda Swinton As The Face Of Corporate Greed

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Hi Friends,

This week, all eyes are on Davos — the picturesque Swiss ski town that hosts the biggest names in government, business and society each January for the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting.

Davos is not uncomplicated. On the one hand, it provides a forum for world leaders to come together and explore big ideas. It’s a platform for launching bold sustainable business initiatives like The B Team and Y Analytics (Bono’s new impact investing measurement project announced this year). Just 10 years ago, an integrated CSR program was seen as a “nice-to-have” by companies. Now, it’s table stakes for the Fortune 500. I don’t think that would have happened if not for the way Davos and gatherings like it have elevated and pushed forward the conversation on business’s role in society.

At the same time, those leading the purpose backlash have likened it to “a family reunion… for the people who broke the modern world”. The Guardian chalked it up to a bunch of “elites without action”. Several outlets called out the hypocrisy of world leaders flying in on private jets to discuss solutions to climate change (while WEF rushed to assure us that private jet use is actually down 14% from 2018 🤦‍♀️).

So yes, Davos is complicated. What do you make of it all — is it a useful platform for change or does it hurt more than it helps? I’d love to hear what you think.


P.S. HOT JOB ALERT! 🔥Reconsidered is seeking a paid intern to join our remote team. The ideal candidate is a strong English language communicator, has experience with email and social media marketing and is endlessly curious about the changing role of business in society. Know someone who fits the bill? Here’s the link to learn more and apply.

This Week’s Five Links

World’s Biggest Investor Tells C.E.O.s Purpose Is the ‘Animating Force’ for ProfitsThe New York Times
Just in time for Davos, BlackRock’s Larry Fink is back with his annual message for CEOs. In short: the world needs your leadership, and getting clear on your company’s purpose is a good first step to get there. His 2019 letter echoes the sentiments in his pivotal 2018 letter, which introduced his views on purpose and is widely seen as a turning point for the way mainstream business views corporate social responsibility.

Why a PG&E Bankruptcy Could Change Climate CalculusBloomberg
In what’s being called the world’s first climate change bankruptcy, PG&E, California’s largest electric utility, recently filed for bankruptcy citing damage from the wildfires that have ravaged the state in recent years. This article breaks down why this development will change the way companies assess climate risk. Many still treat climate change as a difficult-to-pinpoint long-term risk, while the reality is that companies are feeling real business impacts NOW.

Don’t Give Gillette Credit Unless It Does A Lot More Than Making An AdFast Company
Not gonna lie, that Gillette “The Best Men Can Be” spot got me a little teary at the end. But before we all go celebrating the Procter & Gamble razor brand for bravely tackling toxic masculinity — or alternately, get so offended you try to flush your Gillette down the toilet — Public’s Phillip Haid suggests taking a beat and asking, okay, so what are they doing about it? How is Gillette going to not just raise awareness of the issue, but also make substantive progress? Without a clear plan of action beyond philanthropic donations, Gillette is just latching on to what Haid calls a “worrying trend of brands appropriating social purpose for compelling advertising creative”. 

Applying Behavioural Insights at the United Nations: A Year in ReviewMedium
Organizations are quickly realizing the power of behavioral insights to drive more impactful social change. Over the past year, several UN agencies have embraced the science of behavior change to make progress on the Sustainable Development Goals. This “year in review” highlights a few of the applications, from a simple exercise that helps motivate rural Kenyans to save money for emergencies to a nudging program to increase immunizations in the Middle East.
👉 If you’re new to the world of behavior change, we recently published a playbook with relevant insights for people working in corporate social responsibility. Download it here.

I’ve been on a lot of long-haul flights lately, which has given me the chance to catch up on A LOT of downloadable Netflix movies. One of the better ones is Okja, directed by Korean visionary Joon-Ho Bong and starring Tilda Swinton and Jake Gyllenhaal. The fantastical film centers around a (“Green! All-natural! Eco-friendly!”) scheme to breed genetically modified pigs using “sustainable” animal raising techniques from countries like South Korea, where most of the film is set. Only, it’s all a grotesque form of spin. A satirical commentary on corporate responsibility, greed and consumerism that has stuck with me for weeks.


MOST CLICKED FROM LAST ISSUE // Beyond The Bottom Line: Should Business Put Purpose Before Profit?Financial Times. Explore how the conversation on business and purpose has evolved in our archives.

Social Impact Jobs


1. Adobe — Project Manager, Sustainability & Social Impact (San Francisco)

2. Chicago Ideas — Digital Content & Social Media Associate (Chicago)

3. Corporate Citizenship — Content Marketing Manager (London)

4. Estée Lauder — Analyst, Sustainable Package Development (New York)

5. Kickstarter — Analyst, Trust & Safety (New York)

6. Oxfam — Supplier Relationship Coordinator (Oxford, UK)

7. Reconsidered (that’s us! 🤗) — Intern (part-time) (Remote)

8. Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship — Program Manager, Social Ventures (Oxford, UK)

9. Sustainable Brands — Detroit Innovation Open Coordinator (part-time) (Remote)

10. TerraCycle — Account Manager, Brand Partnerships (Trenton, New Jersey)


11. Ball Aerocan — Sustainability Manager (Lille Area, France)

12. BESTSELLER — Chemical Compliance Specialist (Aarhus, Brande or Copenhagen, Denmark)

13. Bloomberg Intelligence — Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) Analyst (New York)

14. BSR — Manager, Women's Empowerment (New York or Paris)

15. Dalberg — Associate Partner (New York, San Francisco, Seattle, or Washington, DC)

16. Ellen MacArthur Foundation — Project Manager, Make Fashion Circular (UK Flexible)

17. Henkel — Global Sustainability Manager (Düsseldorf, Germany)

18. Maersk — Sustainability Manager (Copenhagen)

19. Material Bank — Sustainability Research Specialist (New York)

20. PVH Corp. — Manager, Environmental Sustainability & Product Stewardship (New York)

21. Spring Impact — Senior Consultant, US Office (San Francisco)

22. UN Women — Program Specialist, Women, Peace and Security, and Governance (Kyiv, Ukraine)

23. Zendesk — Program Manager, CSR Content (San Francisco)


24. Allbirds — Head of Product Strategy & Merchandising (San Francisco)

25. Change.org — Senior Director of Campaigns (San Francisco, New York, or Washington, DC)

26. Cloetta — Head of Health, Safety, & Environment (Netherlands)

27. Common Impact — Director, Consulting (New York)

28. DoorDash — Senior Public Policy & Community Engagement Manager (San Francisco)

29. Dutch Coalition for Humanitarian Innovation — Team Lead (part-time) (The Hague, Netherlands)

30. Kiva — Director, Strategic Development (San Francisco)

31. Sesame Workshop — Vice President, Social Impact and Philanthropy Business Operations (New York)

32. The Wonderful Company — Head of Philanthropy (Los Angeles)

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THE HIGH NOTE // 10% — percentage of the world’s population that lives in extreme poverty. In the early 1980s, that number was 44%. Until the 1950s, it was over 50%. Just one of many tidbits in Nicholas Kristof’s recent column on “Why 2018 Was the Best Year in Human History!