From Ideas to Impact: How To Build Sustainability Into Your Business

Type: Introductory CSR Strategy Workshop

Length: Half-day or full-day

Ideal for: Companies and organizations that are new to corporate social responsibility and seeking a clear roadmap to get started

Business can be a powerful force for good — with the right strategy. But how do you begin your sustainability journey? And what is the best approach for taking action?

In this workshop, you will:

  • Learn about current trends in sustainable business

  • Walk through the steps of co-creating a corporate social responsibility strategy  

  • Discover behavior science-based tips for embedding social responsibility across your business

  • Design a pilot project that you can start right away

  • Leave with an action plan of next steps, as well as a toolkit of resources to help you on your journey

The workshop is designed for people leading small to mid-sized organizations, as well as individuals who are looking to spark sustainable change in their work.

“I really enjoyed working with and listening to Jessica. She is an amazing speaker and workshop leader. The workshop showed us how to take ideas and turn them into a purpose. Taking this workshop with team members is ideal. Jessica is really good at leading the workshop and getting everyone to focus on the subject at hand when we stray into other ideas.”
— Karen, Digital Director at a Community Bank


Radparvar leads workshop on sustainability at UOG (The Guam Post)