064 / SoulCycle, Storytelling & A Bike Made Entirely Of Old Nespresso Pods

Hi Friends,

Last issue I shared my personal elephant-in-the-room when it comes to climate change — travel. It struck a chord; many of you responded by email and on social, sharing your own struggles and solutions. 

I was inspired by some of your tips:

  • 🍴BYO flight amenities to cut back on waste. “As a former flight attendant, I’ve been thinking about the sheer amounts of waste generated from each flight. I was gifted a travel blanket for Christmas so now travel with that and don't need to use the one provided (and then cleaned/recycled/??) by the airline. I always bring my own headphones, eye mask and socks so I don't need to use the disposal ones given. I carry a thermos which I fill at the airport just before a flight and just last week, I vowed to travel with my own silverware and cup to save on single-use waste both on the plane and where I'm going.” — Sara Otto, Senior Director of Compliance at Nest

  • 🛍 Get your souvenirs from crafts(wo)men. “I prefer to shop from local flea and craft markets to meet the people selling the items. I always love finding new (to me) eco-friendly alternatives to plastics - like a small wood and straw face brush I bought in Mexico City earlier this year.” — Tara St. James, Founder, Study NY and Re:Source (who also shared this great guide from Public Goods)

  • 🗣 Small talk with a purpose. “Besides my intention to not eat meat and only travel by road, train or ship for distances below 500km, I’ve also set the following goal: during conversations, I use weather as a starting point to keep climate change top of mind. You might just catch a climate change denier and plant a thought in his/her head.” — Liza Jansen, Founder, Newspresso (who also shared this inspiring post from the Digital Nomad Girls community)

Any of these “small steps” you can commit to *right now* to decrease the impact of your travel? Hit reply and let me know. 

✌️ Jess


The Amsterdam Alternative Protein Show brings together the brightest foodtech innovators to design the future of food — timely given the UN's recent call to shift away from meat toward plant-based alternatives (more below!). The show takes place at the NEMO Science Museum from August 26-28; Reconsidered readers can use coupon code HALF for 50% off tickets. (sponsored)

That bike up there is made from 300 recycled Nespresso pods  😲

That bike up there is made from 300 recycled Nespresso pods 😲

This Week's 5 Links

🚴‍ The Hypocrisy of SoulCycleThe Atlantic

We've been following the spike in consumer activism after it was reported that Stephen Ross, an investor in companies like Equinox and SoulCycle, would host a big fundraiser for Trump’s 2020 campaign. Celebrities rushed to cancel their memberships as both fitness empires attempted to distance themselves from Ross. Some thought pieces argued that we should keep politics and push-ups separate — but as this thoughtful Atlantic piece points out, a big driver of the Equinox and SoulCycle backlash is the fact that they have built their brands on purpose, selling passion and commitment as well as workouts. It’s a good reminder that once companies start the conversation on purpose, consumers will also start holding them to higher standards. (4 minutes)

🚜 Climate Report Makes Agri-Business a Target — The Hill

The latest in the UN’s series of climate reports was released last week and calls for an overhaul of food systems and land management. Many follow-up articles focused on how people need to stop eating meat — but it's clear that consumers adopting plant-based diets won't be enough. Businesses have to get involved too, and the agricultural sector can play a big role  by transitioning to more sustainable practices. The U.S. farming community predictably had a mixed response to the report, with some groups stepping up to the challenge and others, like the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, pushing back. (5 minutes)

👉 TAKE ACTION: If you’re looking to transition to a plant-based diet, follow Beyonce and Jay-Z’s lead and commit to one of The Greenprint Project’s pledges.

🍦 Unilever Warns It Will Sell Off Brands That Hurt the Planet or Society — The Guardian

As of this year, Unilever will require every one of its 400+ consumer brands to put a sustainability plan in place — or risk being sold off. The group's portfolio includes brands like Dove that have already defined their social purpose, but new CEO Alan Jope wants the others to catch up, challenging brands like Magnum and Marmite to "figure out how to make society or the planet better in a way that lasts for decades." Public ultimatums are one way to drive internal action; we look forward to seeing how Unilever’s collection of brands take up the mantle. (3 minutes)

I Spent a Day Riding a Bike Made Entirely of Old Nespresso Pods Fast Company

Swedish cycle startup Vélosophy has partnered with coffee company Nespresso to create a bicycle made entirely of used aluminum coffee pods, cleverly titled the Re:Cycle (YES wordplay 🙌). While Vélosophy has always used recycled materials, the founders hope that using aluminum from a specific, recognizable product will spark excitement and create awareness for recycling. Mission accomplished, at least for us. (6 minutes)

💬 How to Use Stories to Bring ‘Us’ and ‘Them’ Together Stanford Social Innovation Review

You’re probably familiar with the usual social impact storylines —those “against-all-odds” anecdotes of people raising themselves out of poverty or “apocalyptic” narratives to drive environmental action. These frameworks are common because they can be powerful, but this SSIR piece co-authored by RC reader Annie Neimand argues that departing from familiar narrative arcs can engage even wider audiences. We love their actionable ideas for coming up with new stories. Bonus: Annie contributed to our “Making Change Sustainable” playbook — check it out for even more ideas on how to use storytelling to drive social change. (9 minutes)

MOST CLICKED FROM LAST ISSUE // Cool Effect — We were delighted to see how many of you clicked through for more information about purchasing carbon offsets! Explore our archive for other actionable insights.

Social Impact Jobs

Catalyst at Large — Projects Administrator/Coordinator (London). Catalyst at Large is seeking a Projects Administrator/Coordinator to support trailblazing gender-smart investing initiatives. Two part-time freelance roles are open, ideally held by one person for a total of 4-5 days/week. The position is London-based, with some remote work possible. Deadline to apply is August 20th; contact Annie at info@bethedifferenceservicesva.com to learn more.

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ascena retail group — Program Analyst, Community & Philanthropy (New York)

Business and Human Rights Resource Centre — Research & Projects Trainee (London)

Fairware — Account Manager (San Francisco or New York)

Futerra — Account Executive (New York)

Levi Strauss Foundation — Program Coordinator (San Francisco)

Looptworks — Community Manager (Portland, Oregon)

mRelief — Product Designer (Chicago)

The Nature’s Bounty — CSR Specialist (Ronkonkoma, New York)


Ariel Investments — ESG Analyst (Chicago)

BSR — Associate, Human Rights & Tech (Copenhagen, San Francisco, or New York)

CityBase — Product Manager (Chicago)

Coca-Cola Company — Sustainability Specialist (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Facebook — Corporate Communications Manager, Community Engagement (Seattle, Washington)

Google — Equity & Inclusion Learning Experience Designer (Mountain View, California)

IDEO.org — Sr. Designer, Brand & Visual Storytelling (San Francisco)

Imperfect Produce — Product Manager (San Francisco)

Intuit — Brand Marketing Manager, Social Impact (Mountain View, California)

Obama Foundation — Email Developer (Chicago or Washington, DC)

Patagonia — Senior Analyst, Customer Insights (Reno, Nevada)

Solstice — Low-Income Inclusion Program Manager (Cambridge, Massachusetts)

Splunk — Global Impact Technology Manager (Seattle)

Twitter — Public Policy Manager (Dublin, Ireland)

Who Gives A Crap — Digital Product Designer (Los Angeles) (bonus — this is one of the best-written job descriptions we’ve seen in a while!)

VCOSS — Policy Advisor, Social Impact of Climate Change (Melbourne, Australia)

Vote.org — Director of Partnerships (Remote)


Autodesk — Employee Impact Manager, Sustainability & Foundation (San Francisco)

Chanel — Sr. Professional, Program/Engagement & CSR (Seoul, South Korea)

Cisco — Senior Architect, Corporate Social Responsibility Platform (San Jose, California)

Diageo — Global Brand Sustainability Director, Scotch & Reserve (Amsterdam)

Hatcher Group — Vice President, Digital Communications (Bethesda, Annapolis, or Baltimore, Maryland)

National Instruments — Director, Global Corporate Responsibility (Austin, Texas)

PwC — Senior Manager, Economics & Sustainability (Dubai or Riyadh)

Salesforce.org — Director, Nonprofit Insights (Vancouver, Canada)

Sesame Workshop — Vice President, Social Impact (New York)

Soko — Senior Director or Vice President, Digital Marketing & Ecommerce (San Francisco)

Tata Consultancy Services — Manager, CSR Storyteller (Edison, New Jersey)

Tesla — Environmental Compliance & Sustainability Leader (Fremont, California)

Tyton BioSciences — Chief Scientific Officer (Danville, Virginia)

WeWork — Energy & Sustainability Director (Shanghai)

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Touched by this    powerful and heartbreaking work    of “artivism” from Canadian artist Sean Yoro

Touched by this powerful and heartbreaking work of “artivism” from Canadian artist Sean Yoro