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Hi Friends,

We’re so excited to share Reconsidered’s first summer reading list with you.

From searing exposés to pioneering classics to the fascinating backstories behind your favorite sustainable companies — we’ve compiled a list of essential reads to last you through your summer travels (and beyond).

We’ve also shared recommendations from our community of readers. Special thanks to Amy, Inge, Heather, Denise, Becky, Nikita, Alden, Karina, Joanne and the others that chimed in.

Enjoy — and let us know which books really stick with you!

Jess, Amirah, Sam & Bryn

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Our Essential Summer Reading List of Top Sustainable Business Books

bookworm’s paradise

bookworm’s paradise

📈 How Change Happens (Cass R. Sunstein)

I’m deep into this new read from legal scholar and behavioral economics pioneer Cass Sunstein, which explores the important and relevant question of how social change happens. From political activism, to sexual harassment, to attitudes around climate change, Sunstein highlights the role of social norms and nudges in driving societal transformation. —Jess

Bonus: If this summary sparks your interest, download our free playbook “Making Change Sustainable” to dig deeper into how insights from the world of behavioral science can supercharge the way companies embed social responsibility into their business.

🤚 Give Work: Reversing Poverty One Job at a Time (Leila Janah)

As our sector trends away from CSR as an afterthought, models like impact sourcing are becoming more relevant. This memoir from Samasource founder Leila Janah — whose hybrid for-profit/non-profit social enterprise model has ushered in a new way of doing business— is useful for understanding this shift. —Amirah

💰Winners Take All: The Elite Charade of Changing the World (Anand Giridharadas)

This book is appropriately summed up by the headline of an op-ed Giridharadas wrote (and we shared) last year: “Beware Rich People Who Say They Want to Change the World”. The full read is just as searing as you might expect — and if you work in social impact, it’s likely to spark all sorts of emotions, from frustration to guilt to complete and utter agreement. Above all else, it will make you rethink the assumptions and context behind the notion of “doing well by doing good”, which is more important now than ever as we enter a new chapter of social and environmental urgency.  —Jess (also recommended by readers Alden W. and Amelia A.)

🌳 The Hidden Life of Trees: What They Feel, How They Communicate―Discoveries from A Secret World (Peter Wohlleben)

This pick is a wildcard, but hear us out. German forester Peter Wohlleben humanizes trees by explaining how they co-exist within social networks much like those that exist in ours — communicating, competing with and supporting one another. It provides an important reminder of how interconnected our world is, and a timely invitation to reconnect with nature. —Sam

👗 Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion (Elizabeth L. Cline)

Even if you're familiar with the ills of fast fashion, this 2013 book is worth reading for Cline’s thorough overview of how the business of fashion has changed over the last three decades and her practical ideas for a path forward. If you've already enjoyed it, pre-order ‘The Conscious Closet,’ her consumer-focused style guide due out this August. —Bryn


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3 Questions With…


After over a decade in corporate fashion, Chrissie Lam started The Love Is Project out of a simple desire to find out what love means. What began as a passion project now employs hundreds of female artisans to create jewelry sold in retailers like Whole Foods and American Eagle Outfitters — and an exciting new project is underway.

Full interview here 👉

Social Impact Jobs

charity: water — Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) Associate (New York) charity: water is a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries. This role will support finance leadership on budgeting, forecasting, analyzing, and presenting the financial performance of the organization in order to enable senior management to make data-driven and strategic decisions. (sponsored)

Early Career

3x5 Partners — Venture Capital Analyst (Portland, Oregon)

Bulgari — Intern, Corporate Social Responsibility (Rome)

New Look — CSR Administration Assistant (London)

The Terrace — Strategy & Sustainability Consultant (Amsterdam)

Mid Career

Ahold Delhaize — Sustainable Retailing Reporting Analyst (Zaandam, Netherlands)

Allbirds — Director, Product Development (San Francisco)

American Standard Brands — Associate Manager, EHS and Sustainability (Piscataway, New Jersey)

Away — Manager, Supply Chain Sustainability (New York)

Brew Dr. Kombucha — Brand Manager (Portland, Oregon)

BSI — Corporate Social Responsibility Manager (London)

Disney — Specialist, Citizenship and Community Relations (Shanghai)

Facebook — Program Manager, Sustainability (Menlo Park, California)

Royal Mail — Corporate Responsibility and Community Manager (London)

Starbucks — Senior Manager, Social Impact Communications (London)

sweetgreen — Project Manager, Supply Chain and Sustainability (Los Angeles)

Twilio — Director, Crisis Responses & Product (San Francisco)

Viacom — Director, Environmental Social & Governance Reporting (New York)

Virgin Australia — Group Leader, Sustainability (Brisbane, Australia)


AARP — Social Impact Marketing, Sr. Advisor, Loyalty Program (Washington, DC)

ATB — Managing Director, Sponsorships & Community Initiatives (Calgary, Canada)

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative — Manager, Community & Partnerships, Whole Child (Redwood City, California)

Gap — Senior Manager, Sustainable Product Innovation (San Francisco)

Harvard Innovation Labs — Associate Director, Social Enterprise (Boston, Massachusetts)

Impossible Foods — Director, Communications (Redwood City, California)

LeanIn.org — Head of Programs, Lean In Initiative (Palo Alto, California)

Nike — Community Impact Director, Latin America (Mexico City)

North Face — Sr. Manager, Social Impact and the Explore Fund (Denver, Colorado)

PepsiCo — Director, Global Sustainable Plastic (Purchase, New York)

Riot Games — Director, Strategic Partnerships & Community (Los Angeles)

Sonos — Senior Director, Global Communications & Sustainability (Santa Barbara, CA)

Visa — Director, Social Impact Marketing (Los Angeles)

“Glowing, Glowing, Gone”    — a  new color line  from Pantone and Adobe inspired by coral’s reaction to climate change

“Glowing, Glowing, Gone” — a new color line from Pantone and Adobe inspired by coral’s reaction to climate change