059 / Biomimicry, Boycotting "Y'allywood" & The Gen Z Reckoning

Hi Friends,

It’s June, which means extra long days here in Amsterdam. One of my favorite ways to while away the extended evenings is with a great book and a beer on my little balcony ☀️

In that spirit, I’m compiling a list of compelling, inspiring and thought-provoking social impact/sustainability reads to add to my list and share with the Reconsidered community.

Any books you’d recommend for our first-ever Summer Reading List? Reply to share along with a short (<50 word) reason why.

I can’t wait to read your recommendations!

✌️ Jess

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Chris Murray

Chris Murray

This Week's 5 Links

🎬 Hollywood Boycott Would Hurt the Film Industry and Georgia’s EconomyCNBC

In response to Georgia’s controversial ‘Heartbeat Law’, which bans abortion after a fetal heartbeat is detected, several Hollywood studios, producers and actors have said they will reconsider projects there if the law goes into effect next January. A boycott would have big economic repercussions on the state, which currently reaps $9.5bn from production and has become known as “Y’allywood” for the number of movies and TV shows filmed there (including faves like Black Panther and Queer Eye). Bigger players like Disney, NBCUniversal and WarnerMedia are treading lightly — perhaps keeping an eye on Netflix, which is facing backlash from the anti-abortion camp after announcing their support of American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) efforts to block the bill. Curious how the industry will use its influence to take a political and moral stand. (6 minutes)

❄️ These Days, It’s Not About the Polar BearsThe New York Times

It’s no news that climate science has a messaging problem. According to researchers, people are increasingly recognizing climate change as an important issue — but not enough that they feel motivated to act. For those struggling to communicate the importance to your organization (or even just to your friends and family) this New York Times piece is a gold mine of information and a great place to learn more about driving positive behavior change. (6 minutes)

👉 TAKE ACTION: Next time you’re creating a social post or whipping up a presentation, reference this Climate Visuals library, which compiles the most compelling images based on scientific research.

♻️ We're All Recycling Wrong, So Companies Are Finally Trying To Make It EasierHuffington Post

A small waste management company in Pennsylvania is testing out an innovative partnership with major consumer brands like PepsiCo and Target to make flexible plastics more easily recyclable. At the moment, items like chip packaging and plastic grocery bags are only recycled if they are returned to store drop-off points (which basically no one knows or does). If Mascaro & Sons has its way, people will be able to dispose of them in curbside recycling alongside their plastic bottles and milk cartons. This is one case where systems change coupled with consumer behavior change could result in the most environmentally-beneficial outcome. 🙌 (7 minutes)

Report: The Gen Z ReckoningBBMG & Globescan

This gorgeous new report from agencies BBMG and Globescan digs into the mysterious Generation Z, exploring what 18 to 22-year-olds care about, what motivates them and what type of social impact they’re seeking from brands. It outlines five strategies for engaging a generation that “is demanding more of themselves, more of society and more of business than any generation before” and is 3x more likely than other generations to say that the purpose of business is to serve society. As this generation graduates into the workforce, companies will need to adjust if they want to attract them as customers and employees—this report makes clear that having a clear purpose and taking action to back it up will help. (18 minutes)

🌿 Mini-Course: Using Biomimicry for Delivering the Good LifeMinneapolis College of Art & Design

All week I’ve been following the flagship Sustainable Brands conference, one of my favorite convenings in the biz. For those who couldn’t make it, SB partnered with MCAD’s Sustainable Design Program to create a set of four free mini-courses around the conference theme of “Delivering the Good Life”. I especially liked this one on how biomimicry (taking cues from nature) can be applied to both technologies and organizations, taught by Taryn Read and RC reader Denise DeLuca. Other courses focus on Empathic Action, Whole System Mapping and Regenerative Systems. (92 minutes)

MOST CLICKED FROM LAST ISSUE // The Complicated Gender Politics of Going Zero WasteVox. Find other thought-provoking pieces in our archive.

Social Impact Jobs

Nest — Chief Programs Officer (New York). Nest is furthering global workforce inclusivity, gender equity and cultural preservation through development of the global craft sector. They're seeking a Chief Programs Officer to oversee implementation of both direct-to-artisan programs and brand initiatives, including Nest’s compliance program for homes and small workshops, sourcing partnerships, and special projects. (sponsored)

Early Career

ARYTZA — Manager, Corporate Responsibility (Playa Vista, California)

The Conduit — Programme Coordinator (London)

Deloitte Digital — Senior Associate, Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability (Toronto)

Facebook — Executive Assistant, Partnerships (San Francisco)

Greenfish — Intern, CSR & Sustainability (Brussels, Belgium)

Guess Europe — CSR Coordinator (Bioggio, Switzerland)

Guggenheim Partners — Intern, Sustainability (New York)

NYU Stern Center for Sustainable Business — Administrative Aide (New York)

Patagonia — Copy Editor / Proofreader (contract) (Ventura, CA)

WeWork — Social Impact Associate, EMEA (contract) (London)

Mid Career

AccountAbility — Managing Associate, Sustainability Consulting (New York)

Acreage Holdings — Director, Corporate Social Responsibility (New York)

Amazon Lab126 — Program Manager, Social Responsibility (Sunnyvale, CA) *Contact Danielle.L.Vermeer@gmail.com if interested*

Andela — Chief of Staff (New York)

Ashoka — Senior Marketing Specialist (Berlin, London or Remote)

BT Group — Manager, Human & Digital Rights Strategy (London)

Dropbox — Manager, Social Impact (San Francisco)

EY — Senior Manager, Global Corporate Responsibility, Commercial and Innovation (Flexible)

Gartner — Program Manager, Global Corporate Social Responsibility (Washington, DC)

Gymshark — Manager, Sustainability (Solihull, UK)

Kenneth Cole Productions — Senior Corporate Social Responsibility Manager (New York)

KiwiCo — Senior Manager, Social Enterprise (Mountain View, CA)

Morgan Stanley — Senior Manager, Sustainable Sourcing (New York)

Nest — Program Consultant (contract) (San Antonio, TX or Austin, TX)

Rimi Baltic Group — Corporate Responsibility Expert (Riga, Latvia)

Samasource — Impact Manager (San Francisco)

Snap, Inc. — Program Manager, Diversity & Inclusion (Los Angeles)

Social Tech Trust — Director, Operations and Finance (London)

Tata Consultancy Services — Manager, CSR Storytelling (Edison, New Jersey)

Teck Resources Limited — Leader, Social Responsibility (Vancouver)

Uber — Senior Associate, Social Impact (San Francisco)

Verizon — Corporate Social Responsibility Consultant (Basking Ridge, NJ)


Beautycounter — Senior Director, Social Mission (Los Angeles Area)

Colgate-Palmolive — Associate Director, CSR & Sustainability Communications (New York)

Dairy Management, Inc. — Director, Global Sustainable Food Systems (Chicago Area)

Nisolo — Vice President, Product Development (Nashville)

REI — Director, Communications and Public Affairs (Seattle Area)

Salesforce — Director, Ethical and Humane Use (San Francisco)

Starbucks — Director, Social Impact & CSR (Shanghai)

Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) — Executive Director (San Francisco)

“We shouldn’t see Greta as a young cute thing,” said    TIME cover    photographer Hellen van Meene. She’s a serious girl with a serious message.”

“We shouldn’t see Greta as a young cute thing,” said TIME cover photographer Hellen van Meene. She’s a serious girl with a serious message.”