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Hi Friends,

The role of the sustainable business professional is changing, according to the latest GreenBiz State of the Sustainability Profession Report (see 5 Links below).

Sure, the core skills of data analysis, impact measurement, project management and deep subject matter expertise are still needed. But now, teams are also being called on to educate, empower and equip people across the business to own the sustainability agenda. They need to spark culture change, create internal movements and build consensus among people who don’t usually agree with each other. They need to persuade, nudge and influence people to change the very way they approach their jobs.

This shift requires a whole new toolkit of skills. We still need to make a rational business case for social responsibility — but we also need to layer on a clear understanding of what drives people and organizations to change.

Over the past several months, I’ve dug deep into the literature of behavior change science and spoken with leading behavioral researchers and social responsibility practitioners. The result is a new playbook that shares a few of the insights I think are most fascinating and relevant to people working in social responsibility. It’s called “Making Change Sustainable: Using Behavior Science to Embed Social Responsibility Into Your Business” and I’m excited to share it with you in the coming weeks.

If the topic sparks your interest, enter your information here and I’ll send you the playbook right when it comes out.

I’m also hosting a small in-person meet-up next week in Amsterdam to celebrate the launch. You can learn more and register here — and if you know anyone who’d be interested, feel free to share!

👉🏽 UPDATE: We have sold out of meet-up seats, but if you're interested in attending please join the waitlist. We hope to be opening up some spots early next week.


P.S. I’m still taking part in Grist’s 21-Day Apathy Detox — now on Day 9! It’s been educational and eye-opening to explore different ways of engaging with social and environmental issues. Check RC’s Facebook page for some of my recent dispatches.

P.P.S. My friend Kestrel Jenkins hosts the Conscious Chatter podcast (see RC’s episode here) and is one of the most consciously stylish people I know. She just launched LEFT EDIT, a new line of sustainable, made-in-USA essentials that are just so lovely and feminine (especially that Eve dress 😍). Check out the collection on Kickstarter.

This Week's Five Links

🎧 The Human Toll of Instant Delivery — The Daily from The New York Times
‘Tis the season for #BlackFriday, #CyberMonday and TONS of online shopping. But before you default to that next-day or same-day delivery option, have a listen to this podcast from The Daily. It takes a look into a rapid fulfillment warehouse in Memphis, Tennessee, that is filled with the types of horrific human rights abuses you’re used to hearing about in developing countries. It is one of the most tragic, frustrating and powerful stories I’ve heard all year.

15 Takeaways From The U.S. Climate Change Report — CNN
Speaking of Black Friday, the U.S. federal government chose that day (🙄) to release a massive climate report compiled by 13 federal agencies. It warned that if we don’t take drastic action on climate change, the U.S. economy could lose hundreds of billions of dollars — up to 10% of its total GDP. This handy round-up outlines 15 of the biggest takeaways, including business impacts like declining crop production, loss of seafood stocks and lost working hours due to extreme temperatures.
👉 TAKE ACTION: We need to engage with our elected representatives, but also with our business leaders. Climate Nexus's Jeff Nesbit offers three ways businesses can tackle climate change — if you work in a company, ask leadership how they’re moving forward on these issues.

A Victoria Secret Exec’s Comments on Why It Doesn’t Hire Trans and Curvy Models Backfired Spectacularly — GOOD
Oh, Victoria’s Secret. This month, its annual fashion show riled up spectators for being… exactly the way it’s been since 1995. Meaning, instead of adapting to an evolving culture that values diversity, inclusion and feminism, it continues to perpetuate outdated gender stereotypes and beauty norms. It doesn’t help that when questioned, the CMO for L Brands (which owns Victoria’s Secret) said the company would never include trans and plus-sized models in the show because it “is a fantasy.” 🤮 The backlash was swift and fierce, including an open letter and full-page ad in The New York Times penned by the female CEO of ThirdLove, a new direct-to-consumer lingerie brand, that was as progressive and empowering as L Brands’ comments were archaic and insulting. To me, this situation illustrates the danger of standing still when it comes to social issues — and shows that when older brands stumble there are plenty of smaller, more purposeful companies ready to take their place.

Can Influencers Unionize? — VICE
When you think of the gig economy worker, you don’t typically think of the “influencer” — that person on your Instagram feed whose perfectly curated life of avocado toast and fancy hotel rooms never fails to inspire envy and FOMO. But many influencers face the same challenges, like financial instability, lack of healthcare and heavy upfront costs. This piece is a fascinating perspective on the changing face of organized labor, which increasingly includes contractors, freelancers and white collar workers.

📖 The State of the Sustainability Profession 2018 — GreenBiz
Looking to break into the sustainability profession? Every other year, GreenBiz releases a report tracking notable trends in the field. My biggest takeaway is the continued shift from CSR’s “tactical origins of reporting and stakeholder engagement” to a role requiring more “business strategy, change management and on-the-ground execution” expertise. This shift necessitates a whole new set of skills around creating movements, sparking innovation and catalyzing behavior change. (Psst… we’ve created a new playbook to help you build those skills! Sign up here to have it sent to you when it’s released 🚀)

MOST CLICKED FROM LAST ISSUE // Ask Umbra’s 21-Day Apathy Detox — Grist. Follow us on Facebook where I’m posting regular updates from my own detox. 

Social Impact Jobs

Early Career

1.  Accenture — Corporate Social Responsibility Intern (internship) (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
2. Fawkes & Reece — Sustainability Advisor (London, UK)
3. GreenSpace Brands — Assistant Brand Manager (Toronto, Canada)
4. Kuli Kuli — Operations Coordinator (San Francisco, California)
5. Our Climate — Organizer (part-time; email Nicole Crescimanno at nicole@ourclimate.us if interested) (Upstate New York, New York)
6. Patagonia — Environmental Campaigns & Advocacy Intern (internship) (Ventura, California)
7. Philanthropy University — Instructional Designer (contract) (Oakland, California)
8. REI — Specialist, Search and Social Performance Marketing (Kent, Washington)
9. The Honest Company — Senior Product Manager (Los Angeles, California)
10.The Planet Mark — Business Development Executive (London, United Kingdom)
11. Twilio — Account Executive, Social Impact (San Francisco, California)
12. United States Council for International Business — Assistant Policy and Program Manager (New York, New York)
13. Worn — Project Manager (New York, New York)
14. Yale University — Urban Sustainability Program Manager (New Haven, Connecticut)


15. AESG — Senior Sustainability Consultant (London, United Kingdom)
16. Autodesk — Sustainability Manager (San Francisco, California)
17. Benetech — Sr. Human Rights Program Manager (Palo Alto, California)
18. Charity:water — Head of People and Culture (New York, New York)
19. The Clorox Company — Safety, Health, and Environmental Manager (Chicago Area, Illinois)
20. Context Partners — Project Manager (Portland, Oregon)
21. HALO, Purely for Pets — Social Mission / Corporate Social Responsibility Consultant (contract) (New York or Remote)
22. KPMG — Assistant Manager, CSR (Hong Kong)
23. Oath — Manager, Socially Responsible Business Team (New York, New York)
24. Propeller — Technical Program Manager/Consultant (San Francisco, California)
25. Rothy’s — Senior Marketing Copywriter (San Francisco, California)
26. Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) — Manager, Corporate Citizenship (Halifax, Canada)
27. Target — Corporate Social Responsibility Program Manager (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
28. Walmart — Senior Manager, Dignity of Women Program (Bentonville, Arkansas)


29. Apple — Labor & Human Rights Expert, Supplier Responsibility (Cupertino, California)
30. Change.org — Managing Director of Campaigns (New York, San Francisco, or Washington, DC)
31. enso — Brand Impact Director (Los Angeles, California)
32. Illumina — Director/ Senior Director, Corporate Social Responsibility (San Diego, California)
33. NationSwell — Managing Director, NationSwell Council (New York, New York)
34. Kimberly-Clark Professional — Global Environmental & Energy Technical Leader (Atlanta Area, Georgia)

Do you have an opening at your organization? Click here to submit a listing for consideration.

THE HIGH NOTE // 02:03:49 — the half-marathon time of Justin Gallegos, a college runner who was recently chosen to be Nike’s first pro athlete with cerebral palsy. The video where Justin learns he’s made the cut will make you 😭😭😭 .

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