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Hi Friends,

I love a good action plan. So when I learned about Grist’s 21-Day Apathy Detox (see 5 Links below) I was intrigued. With challenges like “protest like a pro” and “ditch the excuses”, it seems like just the way to get reenergized and recommitted to environmental issues following the midterm elections.

I’m giving it a shot and will be posting about my experience on RC’s Facebook page. Maybe you want to join too?


CLIENT LOVE //  Etsy CEO Josh Silverman took the main stage at last week’s BSR Conference to discuss the company’s unique value creation model. Have a look here.


This Week's Five Links

‘Single-Use’ Is Collins’ Word of the Year for 2018 — CNN
“Single-use” items like plastic forks are only used once before they are thrown out. But as a term, single-use has staying power — so much so that Collins dictionary has made it their 2018 Word of the Year. Their decision is a positive sign that awareness of our current waste crisis is here to stay... just like that plastic fork in a landfill somewhere 😰

It’s Time to Stop Spending Billions on Cheap Conference Swag — Fast Company
Conference season is in full swing, which means we’re all drowning in free giveaways. Like fast fashion, these items need to be cheap, abundant and quick to produce — which means that in most cases, quality is low, waste is high and working conditions are inhumane. But there is another way. Liz Segran proposes that companies look into sourcing more ethically or doing away with swag altogether, instead offering memorable experiences like a yoga class, a new headshot or a great meal. What’s the best sustainable freebie/experience you’ve ever gotten? Tweet us your response at @reconsideredco.

Iceland’s Christmas TV Advert Banned for Being Too Political — The Guardian
The UK supermarket chain Iceland made waves this year for pledging to remove palm oil from its branded products. Palm oil plantations are one of the biggest drivers of deforestation and for its holiday ad, Iceland teamed up with Greenpeace to raise awareness of this environmental crisis’ impact on animals. Unfortunately, their tear-jerking commercial won’t be on TV anytime soon because it was deemed “too political” by Clearcast, the body responsible for vetting ads before they are broadcast to the public. The silver lining? For a banned ad, the spot is everywhere. At the time of this writing it has over 4.4 million views on YouTube.

👉 TAKE ACTION: Join over 900,000 people who have signed a petition to overturn the ban.

How a Tweet Turned Prop. C From an Underdog to a Winner — San Francisco Chronicle
In last week’s midterm elections, San Francisco voted Yes on Proposition C, a measure to raise taxes on big businesses in order to fund homeless services, which are desperately needed in the city. Prop C made national news when it gained an unexpected ally: Marc Benioff, the billionaire CEO of Salesforce. Salesforce donated $5 million to support the campaign, even though the company would lose millions if it passed. This article shares how a simple Twitter exchange between Benioff and a local homeless advocate led to his support and bolstered Prop C’s chance of winning at the ballot box. (Psst… Salesforce is also hiring, see our Social Impact Jobs Board below!)

21-Day Apathy Detox — Grist
Ask Umbra is Grist’s advice column on green living and civic engagement. And this resource is a perfect example of why we love it so much. The Apathy Detox is a three-week challenge to get you off the couch and into the world to make a positive difference on the environment. From navigating the muddy waters of social media to fighting your inner cynic, the advice here is clear, actionable and chock-full of insights and research. You really can’t ask for a better kick-in-the-butt than this. We’re signing onto the challenge and posting about it for the next 21 days on Facebook.

MOST CLICKED FROM LAST ISSUE // How to Make Sustainability Every Employee’s Responsibility — Harvard Business Review. Visit the Reconsidered archives for more ideas and perspectives on how business can be a force for good.  

3 Questions With: Nigel Salter, Founder, SB&Co 


“The fact that you're now seeing mega-businesses make absolutely huge changes that impact pretty much everybody — that gets me very excited. There is a real shift from business saying, ‘we just need to make ourselves look a little bit better’ to a proper, fundamental reengineering of operations to deliver completely different outcomes that change how the whole supply chain works."

Social Impact Jobs

Early Career

1.  DELL — Corporate Social Responsibility Sales Enablement (Austin, Texas)
2. Echoing Green — Individual Fellow Support Associate (New York, New York)
3. Empatico / The KIND Foundation — Associate Product Manager (New York, New York)
4. Ericsson — Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Trainee (internship) (Rome, Italy)
5. Fashion for Good — Analyst, Innovation Platform (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
6. PG Impact Investments — Private Equity Analyst (Zug, Switzerland)
7. SunTrust — Corporate Responsibility Analyst (Atlanta, Georgia)
8. Unilever — Social Mission Global Assistant Brand Manager, Dove Masterbrand (London, UK)


9. Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship — Manager, Digital Communications (Boston, Massachusetts)
10. Coty — Corporate Affairs Manager (contract) (Shanghai, China)
11. Fair Wear Foundation — Verification Officer (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
12. Flag Communications — Account Director, Sustainability Reporting and Communications (New York, NY, or virtual within the US)
13. Hasbro, Inc. – Manager, Ethical Sourcing (Hong Kong or Shenzhen, China) (contact Louis.Vanegas@ap.hasbro.com if interested)
14. International Labor Rights Forum — Senior Finance & Operations Manager (Washington, DC)
15. John Lewis Partnership — Sustainability Manager, Circular Economy (London, UK)
16. Metabolic — Sustainability Consultant, Industries (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
17. Microsoft — Business Manager, Corporate Responsibility (Seattle Area, Washington)
18. Rubicon Global — Sustainability Manager (Atlanta, Georgia)
19. Sainsbury’s — Ethical & Social Responsibility Manager (London, UK)
20. Salesforce.org — Senior Product Manager, Philanthropy Cloud Mobile App (San Francisco, California)
21. Symbiotics — Investment Analyst, South & East Asia (Singapore)
22. Tesla — Senior Environmental Compliance Specialist (Fremont, California)
23. The Honest Company — Visual Merchandising Manager (Los Angeles Area, California)


24. Amadeus Head of Corporate Social Responsibility (Madrid, Spain)
25. Change.org — Senior Director of Campaigns (New York, New York)
26. Expedia Group — Director, Communications & Diversity (Seattle Area, Washington)
27. National Geographic — Vice President, Life at the Extremes (Washington, DC)
28. Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship — Head of Foundation (Geneva, Switzerland)
29. Social Finance, Inc. — Managing Director, Social Investment (Boston, Massachusetts)
30. TJX Companies (TJ Maxx) — Senior Community Relations Manager (Marlborough, Massachusetts)
31. Tulane University — Professor and Associate Director, Center for Social Innovation and Design Thinking (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Do you have an opening at your organization? Click here to submit a listing for consideration.

THE HIGH NOTE // 15-30 — new workers expected to be hired by ethical fashion brand Outland Denim due to the “The Meghan Markle Effect”.


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