Issue 033 / Coffee Waste, Circularity & The Business Case For Hiring Refugees

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This Week's Five Links

Why the New CEO Activism Is Bad for Everyone  Quartz
From the dissolution of the President's Manufacturing Council to Patagonia’s public lands campaign, CEO activism is gaining momentum. But can companies really fill the policy void created by a volatile political environment? Should they try? And what are the risks with this approach? These are the questions raised by BSR’s Alison Taylor in this provocative op-ed offering a different perspective on a trend otherwise hailed as positive.

Study: Refugees Stay In Manufacturing Jobs Longer Than Other Employees — Forbes
Hiring refugees is good business, according to a recent study of employment trends in the U.S. manufacturing sector. The study, commissioned by non-profit Tent, found that the average employee turnover rate for refugee workers is 4%, while the overall average is 11%. That higher retention rate could translate into thousands of dollars saved for every refugee hire.

Fashion’s Woman Problem  New York Times
Women are everywhere in fashion — except at the top. Only 14% of major brands are run by a female executive. A new report attempts to understand this gender imbalance and propose solutions. The reasons are painfully familiar and the solutions aren’t unique to fashion (they include flexible hours, pay-gap audits and mentorship) but the study itself is worth reading for its insights and anecdotes.

Coffee Waste Is Now Fetching a 480% Premium Over Coffee Itself — Bloomberg
The husk that encases coffee beans, called cascara, used to be considered trash. Today, it’s selling for $7/pound, while the humble bean averages at just $1.20/pound. Starbucks, Blue Bottle and Stumptown are even making fancy lattes from it. They say “Waste not want not”... but now we just really want to try one of those lattes.

Circle Lab: Inspiring Stories of the Circular Economy in Practice
Last week, Amsterdam circularity organization Circle Economy launched a database of more than 1,000 case studies demonstrating how organizations around the world use circular strategies to create value. It’s full of creative ideas and practical solutions, and it’s organized by sector to make it super easy to search. The hope is that these case studies help to move the circularity dialogue from exploration to action.

We don’t talk about it as much, because there’s a feeling everyone knows. But sometimes you have to say something so people can’t pretend it’s not true.
— Diane von Furstenberg in “Fashion’s Woman Problem” (The New York Times)

Spotlight: The Apps Battling Food Waste

Imperfect Produce.jpg

1.3 billion tons of edible food are wasted every year. That’s 4,000 pounds for every person who goes hungry. If food waste were a country, it would be the third-largest emitter of greenhouse gases.

Another statistic? Over 2 billion people own a smartphone and that number is only growing. So when it comes to battling food waste, of course there’s an “app for that.” Several, in fact. And they’re genius.

  • Too Good To Go is one that’s scaling fast across Europe. The idea is simple: it connects users to nearby restaurants, cafes and supermarkets selling off surplus food that would otherwise go to waste — at serious discounts. 
  • In the U.S., Food for All is a similar concept currently available in New York City and Boston. 
  • One app available worldwide is OLIO, which helps both businesses and households give away their extra food to neighbors. Simply upload a picture of what you’re sharing and arrange a pick-up via private messaging.

A shout-out also goes to Imperfect Produce, a subscription box of fresh fruits and vegetables that are considered too “ugly” for grocery stores (but not for our bellies!).

P.S. If this spotlight gets you fired up about food waste, check out our jobs board for an exciting Amsterdam-based career opportunity from Too Good To Go.

Social Impact Jobs

Early Career

ASOS — Senior Ethical Trade Associate, Brands (contract) (London, UK)
Carnegie Fabrics — Design Assistant (New York, NY)
Encourage Capital — Analyst/Senior Analyst (New York, NY)
Living Goods — Business Development Associate (San Francisco, CA)
Randstad — Marketing Specialist, Corporate Social Responsibility (contract) (Richardson, TX)
Too Good To Go — Business Developer (Amsterdam, Netherlands)


Amadeus IT Group — Program Manager, Social Responsibility (Madrid, Spain)
Bimbo Bakeries — Regional Environmental Sustainability Manager (Chicago, IL)
Co-Impact — Communications and External Affairs Associate (New York, NY)
Comcast — Community Impact External Engagement Manager (Livermore, CA)
DLL — Sustainability Consultant, Business Development (Wayne, PA or Des Moines, IA)
Fair Labor Association — Licensee Program Manager (Washington, DC)
Fors March Group — Senior Researcher, Behavior Change (Arlington, VA)
Enviva — Community Relations Manager (Raleigh, NC)
Hatch — Regional Lead, Environmental Services Group Australia Asia (Brisbane, Australia)
Honest Tea — Brand Manager, Mission & Natural Channel (Bethesda, MD)
lululemon — Social Responsibility & Compliance Manager (Vancouver, Canada)
Niuversity — Chief Tech Officer (Berlin, Germany)
Pact — Cobalt Project Lead, Global Battery Alliance (Washington, DC)
Shift Foundation — Senior Innovation Lead (London, UK)
Stanford University — Associate Director, Social Entrepreneurship Program (Stanford, CA)
The Women's Rights Programme of the Association for Progressive Communications — Feminist Researcher (Flexible)
Twitter — Community Outreach & Corporate Philanthropy Manager (San Francisco, CA)
UL — EHS & Sustainability Consultant (Chicago, IL)


Cisco — Social and Environmental Responsibility Program Manager (San Jose, CA)
IDH, The Sustainable Trade Initiative — Senior Manager, Learning & Innovation (Utrecht, Netherlands)
One Acre Fund — Malawi Country Director (Zomba, Malawi)
ServiceNow — Senior Director, Global Impact (Santa Clara, CA) — Uptake Data Fellowship (Chicago, IL)

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