Issue 032 / Coral-Killing Sunscreen, Unboxings & Creative Things To Say To Climate Deniers

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This Week's Five Links

Hawaii Approves Bill Banning Sunscreen Believed to Kill Coral Reefs — NPR
By 2050, researchers estimate that half the coral reefs in the world will be destroyed. Rising temperatures are a major contributor, but they aren’t the only culprit. Sunscreen also causes coral bleaching — and 14,000 tons of it end up in our oceans each year. Now, Hawaii has become the first state to ban commercial sunscreen’s two deadliest ingredients: oxybenzone and octinoxate. The ban goes into effect in 2021, but many Hawaiian businesses have already stopped selling the bad stuff.

👉 TAKE ACTION: If you’re headed to the beach this summer, make sure your sunscreen is ocean-friendly. Here’s a list to get you started

Treating Workers Fairly at Rent the Runway — The New York Times
Jennifer Hyman, co-founder of Rent the Runway, recently did something radical: she gave hourly employees the same parental leave, family sick leave, bereavement leave and sabbatical packages as salaried employees. But should this really be considered “radical”? Why can’t it just be the status quo? These are the questions this op-ed forces us to consider. 

5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Help Save the Planet — Fast Company
Data-driven disaster response. Autonomous water and energy systems. Satellites that can detect environmental destruction in real-time. These are just a few of the 80+ environmental applications of artificial intelligence identified in a recent PwC report. The possibilities are incredible. 

Unboxing the Truth — Thomson Reuters Foundation
“$5 is the cost of a child slave today. Less than 2% of slaves will be rescued. $150 billion illegal profits are made each year from slavery.” These statistics appear on a pair of sneakers sent to YouTube star and professional ‘unboxer’ Jacques Slade in a stunt to raise awareness about modern slavery. Slade looked visibly stunned as he uncovered each of these stats, concluding, “We all contribute to this, and we don’t know that.” 

Today We Will
Every weekday, Olivia Gossett Cooper sends subscribers a tip for living more sustainably that is drop-dead simple but can have a real positive impact. And when we say simple, we mean simple. I loved the recent suggestion to choose lonely bananas at the grocery store (because single bananas are 60% more likely to be thrown out as food waste than bunches 😢). Definitely a must-subscribe.

I had inadvertently created classes of employees — and by doing so, had done my part to contribute to America’s inequality problem.
— Jennifer Hyman discusses how she broke with the status quo by equalizing employee benefits in “Treating Workers Fairly at Rent the Runway” (The New York Times)

Spotlight: Creative Responses to Climate Change Deniers 


You’re in a conversation and someone casually questions the existence of climate change. “The climate’s changed before.” “All the science is exaggerated.” “Today is freezing! See, the earth isn’t getting warmer.” “IT’S ALL A LIBERAL CONSPIRACY!”

Yeah, we’ve all been there. Maybe you delivered an impassioned rebuttal. Maybe you dropped some knowledge. Or maybe you just sat in silence, seething with frustration and judgement. 

But what if you responded with humor and creativity?

“Climate Change is Not Real” was the prompt given to 12 artists by thredUP, a secondhand marketplace. The result is Project re:made, a collection of creative, whimsical designs intended to spark discussion about climate change with believers and non-believers alike. As we’ve written about before, humor might be the most effective way to communicate the dangers of climate change. thredUP’s designs might help us open the door to real dialogue.

Guam Conference

University of Guam Conference on Island Sustainability

In March, I had the opportunity to go home to Guam, the U.S. island territory where I grew up, to deliver a keynote speech on sustainable business at the University of Guam’s 2018 Conference on Island Sustainability. It was an invigorating few days, filled with ideas, talks and dialogue on environmental challenges in a small island context. It was deeply fulfilling to reconnect with my home in a different way, and I can’t wait to stay connected with what happens next. 
🌴 Watch my presentation on Business as a Force for Good here.

Social Impact Jobs

Early Career

Global Impact Investing Network — Communications Associate (New York, NY)
Rubicon Global — Sales Operations Analyst (Atlanta, GA)
SustainAbility — Administrative Assistant (Berkeley, CA)
United Nations World Food Programme — Business Support Assistant (Johannesburg, South Africa)
VF Corporation — Sustainability Trainee (Stabio, Switzerland)


1% for the Planet — Brand Manager (Burlington, VT)
AARP Foundation — Advisor, Impact Areas (Washington, DC)
AgGrad — Co-Director, Agricultural Sustainability (Madison, WI)
BerlinRosen — Campaign Strategist, Social Impact & Philanthropy (New York, NY)
C&A — Sustainability Energy Manager (Düsseldorf, Germany)
Girlboss — Product Manager (Los Angeles, CA)
Greenpeace — Global Project Management and Change Management Specialist (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
PATH — Innovation Manager, Impact Lab (Seattle, WA)
PIE Strategy Unlimited — Senior Sustainability Analyst (Hong Kong)
prAna — Social Responsibility and Traceability Specialist (Carlsbad, CA)
Stanley/Stella — Product Manager (Brussels, Belgium)
Stella McCartney — Social Sustainability Coordinator (Milan, Italy)
Wyndham Vacation Resorts Asia Pacific — Sustainability Manager (Bundall, Australia)
Yerdle Recommerce — Director of Product (San Francisco, CA)


BSI — Senior Environmental Health & Safety Consultant (Los Angeles, CA)
CoDesign Studio — Principal (Melbourne, Australia)
Classy — Sr. Manager of Product Marketing, Small & Midsize Nonprofits (San Diego, CA)
Dropbox — Senior Social Impact Manager (San Francisco, CA)
Intercontinental Hotels Group — Director, Global Corporate Responsibility (Denham, UK)
Enso — Director of Strategy (Santa Monica, CA)
Nuveen — Director, Responsible Investing (New York, NY)
Palladium — Civil Society Engagement Manager - Peru Forest Governance (Lima, Peru)
PPG — Executive Director, PPG Foundation & Corporate Global Social Responsibility (Pittsburgh, PA)
Reformation — VP, Merchandising & Planning (Los Angeles, CA)
Theo Chocolate — Vice President, Marketing (Redmond, WA)

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