Issue 031 / Tiny Homes, Transparent Fashion & How To Change Customer Behavior

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This Week's Five Links

The Top Jobs Where Women Are Outnumbered by Men Named JohnThe New York Times
You know what they say – behind every successful woman is at least five men named John. This sad and almost funny comparison from the Upshot raises an urgent question: how do we create more equitable workplaces? If you’re at Nike, you Just Do It. A group of women recently shined a light on Nike’s culture of sexism, which led to the departure of six male executives. There is power in numbers — we just have to decide if that power belongs to the Johns, or to everyone.

Apple Now Runs On 100% Green Energy, And Here’s How It Got ThereFast Company
From its data centers to its retail stores, Apple now runs on 100% clean energy. This article takes a deep-dive into how Apple sweated the details to reach this milestone and outlines what’s next for the tech giant, which includes getting its supply chain on board. 

Amazon Gets Huge Subsidies to Provide Good Jobs—But It’s a Top Employer of SNAP Recipients In at Least Five StatesThe New Food Economy
While Amazon accepts massive government subsidies — including through a much-publicized city competition to host the company’s second headquarters — new data suggests that 1/3 of Amazon’s own employees rely on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (formerly known as food stamps) to put food on the table.

2018 Fashion Transparency IndexFashion Revolution
Who made my clothes? It’s a question everyone should know the answer to, which is where the Fashion Transparency Index comes in. The index ranks 150 of the biggest brands and retailers on how transparent they are about their supply chain and their social and environmental impact. Is it perfect? No, because like many rankings it relies on self-reporting from brands, which can be skewed by many factors. But more information is better than none, and the index keeps the pressure on.

Dan Ariely on Changing Customer Behavior+Acumen
To change the world, you have to figure out how to change people’s (often irrational) behaviors. So if you work in social impact or sustainability, you may benefit from this online course taught by Dan Ariely, professor of psychology and behavioral economics at Duke University. It is a great primer on how to leverage behavioral science in your work. 

If you don’t take (this class), you will regret it. Maybe not now, but later or for the rest of your life.
— Dan Ariely employing one of his key behavior change principles to convince you to take his Acumen+ course on Changing Consumer Behavior

conscious chatter jm.jpeg

#ConsciousChatter’s Addvantage Podcast

How does price relate to luxury and sustainability? I recently represented RC partner Fashion for Good in this dialogue with Vogue Australia Sustainability Editor Clare Press, Sitra’s Matti Aistrich, Helsinki Fashion Week’s Evelyn Mora and Kestrel Jenkins on the Addvantage podcast, Conscious Chatter's latest series.

🎧 Listen to our conversation here.

Spotlight: Tiny House 2.0

Life Edited.jpg

Tiny homes, casitas, bungalows, cabins. Call them what you will; I love them all. With millennials pretty much screwed when it comes to the four-bed-two-bath-white-picket-fence home ownership dream, small living seems infinitely more practical. And now, with top designers weighing in, it’s way more exciting and environmentally friendly. 

Take this aspirational home designed by Graham Hill, founder of Treehugger and minimalist design consultancy LifeEdited. At 1,000 square feet, the LifeEdited Maui property is less than half the size of the average 2,697 square foot American home — but through smart design elements like adjustable furniture and sliding walls, it can function as a much larger space. Plus, with solar panels, composting toilets and rainwater catchment, it is completely off the grid. 

LifeEdited Maui joins LifeEdited New York — a 420-square-foot "micro apartment" — as showcase pieces for the small living movement. They represent a vision of luxury that eschews the mansion for more minimal, streamlined and sustainable homes. I’m sold.

Social Impact Jobs

Early Career

Arabella Advisors — Program Assistant (Chicago, IL)
Chobani — Corporate Affairs Specialist (New York, NY)
Futerra — Junior Consultant (London, UK)
Global Brands Group (Member of Fung Group) — Associate, Social and Environmental Affairs (Greensboro, NC)
RXBAR — Category Analyst, Specialty (Chicago, IL)
THINX — Social Media Associate, Icon (New York, NY)
Wellcome Trust — Diversity & Inclusion, Project Officer (London, UK)


412 Food Rescue — Chief Program Officer (Pittsburgh, PA)
Allbirds — International Marketing Manager (San Francisco, CA)
BBMG — Senior Program Manager (New York, NY)
Farmer’s Fridge — Digital Marketing Director (Chicago, IL)
Fashion for Good — Experience Manager (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Food+ by Compass — Regional Sustainability Manager (Singapore)
Ford Foundation — Investment Associate - Mission Investments (New York, NY)
Grist — Senior Editor (Seattle or Various Locations)
LOLA — Senior Marketing Manager (New York, NY) — Business Designer (Nairobi, Kenya)
Impact Hub Amsterdam – Community Catalyst (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Macy’s — Director, Corporate Giving (New York, NY)
Nigerian Stock Exchange — Corporate Social Responsibility Support Officer (Lagos, Nigeria)
Okta — Program Manager, Nonprofit Success, Okta for Good (San Francisco, CA)
Patagonia — Environmental Programs Manager (Ventura, CA)
Sustainable Apparel Coalition — Global Project Manager (contract) (San Francisco, CA)
Synergistiq — Consultant, Social Impact Design (Melbourne, Australia)
T-Mobile — Senior Communications Manager, Corporate & Brand Communications (Bellevue, WA)
Visa — Manager, Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Reporting & Transparency (Foster City, CA)
Yara International — Environmental, Social & Governance Manager (Oslo, Norway)


Bulletin — Director of Digital Marketing (New York, NY)
Forum for the Future — Head of Communications and Marketing (London, UK)
Gap Inc — Vice President, Sustainability Field Operations (Hong Kong)
Moneythink — Chief Executive Officer (San Francisco, CA)
The North Face — Senior Director, Corporate Communications & CSR (Alameda, CA)
Purpose — Head of Office (London, UK)
Tala — Chief Financial Officer (Santa Monica, CA)
VentureWell — Senior Program Officer (Greater Boston Area)

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