Issue 029 / Open-Source Design, Climate Change LOLs & The World’s First Sustainable Tourism Passport Pledge

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This Week's Five Links

We’re Buried in Starbucks Cups. What Are They Doing About It? — Eater
Starbucks estimates it’s responsible for six billion of the roughly 600 billion paper and plastic cups circulated each year. Now, in partnership with Closed Loop Partners and its Center for the Circular Economy, Starbucks has announced a competition to develop a compostable or recyclable cup for its customers. Eater charts where Starbucks has fallen short in the past, and the challenges it faces as it embarks on this ambitious new goal. 

Grindr Sets Off Privacy Firestorm After Sharing Users’ H.I.V.-Status Data— The New York Times
Grindr was recently praised for a feature that reminds users to get tested for HIV. But just a few days later, the gay dating app came under fire for sharing sensitive user data, including HIV status, with outside vendors. The CSR initiative and the data scandal are unrelated — Grindr has long allowed users to share this health information. But it’s a significant sequence of events. Data can help inform powerful CSR initiatives, but it can also cause real harm if not treated with the appropriate ethical considerations. 

Women Entrepreneurs Are More Likely to Get Funding If They Emphasize Their Social Mission — Harvard Business Review 
File this in our “sad but not surprising” folder. A study found that while female-led ventures were generally perceived as less viable than male-led ones, female entrepreneurs who more “heavily emphasized their social impact managed to avoid this gender penalty.” There are a number of takeaways from this, including 😱❗😡❗😵❗. But the biggest is that it’s absolutely critical for all of us, regardless of our gender identity, to recognize the biases that inform our business environment.

Humor Can Get Young People Fired Up About Climate Change — Grist
Climate change isn’t very funny. In fact, it’s downright terrifying. But a new study from researchers at Cornell University and the Environmental Defense Fund found that using humor to communicate the dangers of climate change was the best way to galvanize 18- to 24-year-olds to take action. Another recent study, this one from Princeton University, found pride to be a significant driver of environmental behavior too, even more than guilt.

Nike “Design With Grind” Challenge — OpenIDEO
For years, Nike has recovered used footwear and manufacturing scraps into a palette of recycled materials called Nike Grind. These materials have been given a second life in the brand’s footwear and apparel, as well as in sport surfaces. Now, Nike wants to know what you would do with it. Together with OpenIDEO, Nike is looking to find and fund the most innovative ideas. The deadline is May 1st, so put on those reusable thinking caps and go read the brief. 

The only footprints I shall leave are those that will wash away.
— The Palau Pledge (more below)

Spotlight: The Palau Pledge

The Palau Pledge.jpg

Of the places I’ve visited, Palau is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful. But in recent years, the Pacific island nation has suffered from an influx in tourists who aren’t quite aware or conscious of their impact on the islands’ environment and culture. Natural treasures like the archipelago’s vibrant coral reefs and unique Jellyfish Lake have been damaged. Water supplies have been threatened. Biodiversity has suffered.

Rather than let tourism go unchecked, a coalition of concerned citizens, government leaders and local businesspeople have taken action. Earlier this year, Palau became the first nation on Earth to change its immigration laws with the expressed purpose of encouraging environmental and cultural preservation. Now, visitors are required to sign the Palau Pledge — a commitment, stamped in passports, through which visitors promise the island’s children that they will “tread lightly, act kindly and explore mindfully”.

The eco-pledge is paired with a beautifully filmed in-flight video, an environment-focused school curriculum and a reduction in the number of inbound flights. Leonardo DiCaprio, The Rolling Stones and former U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry are just some of the celebrities that have signaled their support.

"Human impact on our Earth's environment is one of the biggest challenges facing our world today," said Palau president Tommy E Remengesau Jr. "As a small country we feel the impact of these actions acutely. We hope that the Palau Pledge raises global awareness of the responsibility that this generation has to the next."

Social Impact Jobs

Accenture — Sustainability Consulting Professional (Stockholm, Sweden)
Amazon — Sr. Operations Program Manager, Social Responsibility (Seattle, WA)
Apple — Program Manager, Environment, Policy, and Social Initiatives (Cupertino, CA)
Bard College: MBA in Sustainability — Program Associate (Annandale-on-Hudson, NY)
Bombas — Community & Giving Relationship Manager (New York, NY)
Charles Schwab — Portfolio Manager, Community Development (Henderson, NV)
DICK’S Sporting Goods Foundation — Director (Pittsburgh Area, PA)
Disney Parks & Resorts — Associate Citizenship & Community Relations Manager (Shanghai, China)
Edesia Nutrition — Brand Manager, Little Nut (Rhode Island Area)
ELEVATE — Senior Manager, Client Services (London, UK)
EY — Senior Executive, Corporate Sustainability, EMEIA Financial Services (Brussels, Belgium)
Facebook — Instagram Wellbeing Program Lead (Menlo Park, CA)
Fair Food Network — Digital Marketing Manager (Ann Arbor or Detroit, MI)
Hasbro — Corporate Social Responsibility Manager (Rhode Island Area)
Hero Balancer — Product Manager & Partner (North Holland, Netherlands)
HESTA — Social Impact Specialist (Melbourne, Australia)
HSBC — Sustainable Finance Manager (London, UK)
KIND — Executive Assistant, Office of the CEO (New York, NY)
KPMG — Sustainability Manager - Corporate Citizenship (Sydney, Australia)
Lockheed Martin — Sustainability Analyst (Washington, DC Area)
Moody’s Corporation — Corporate Social Responsibility Manager (Hong Kong, HK)
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory — Environmental Sustainability Administrator (Pasadena, CA)
Overdeck Family Foundation — Communications Officer (New York, NY)
Proximity Designs — Head of Marketing & Communications (Yangon, Myanmar)
RXBAR — Senior Manager, Internal Communications (Chicago, IL)
Sesame Street — Senior Project Manager, US Social Impact (New York, NY)
Silicon Valley Community Foundation — Associate Manager, Corporate Responsibility (Mountain View, CA)
Smithsonian Institution, My Armenia Program — Technical or Professional, Non-personal Services (Yerevan, Armenia)
Umbra — Corporate Social Responsibility Officer (Shenzhen, China)
Vaisala — Environmental Manager (Helsinki, Finland)
Verizon — Social Impact Manager (Denver, CO)

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